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1 BTC | 8031.59 USD
1 BCH | 1171.78 USD
1 ETH | 351.1 USD
1 ETC | 17.78 USD
1 LTC | 70.75 USD
1 ZEC | 298.21 USD
1 EUR | 1.18 USD

My friend has never played Fallout 4, but recently he's been trying it. It's kind of getting me back in the Fallout mood.

CME CEO announces Bitcoin futures will launch 2nd week of December.

Apostle and prophet
Toss all and profit
Still tryna decide if you
Fossils are worth it
Frost all and cursed it
Lost all from worst hit

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OMG Twitter friends are trying le Mastodon again/for the first time! A note/recommendation... as a rule, the big sites like are OK but you may want to try some smaller places and also follow stuff on your INSTANCE level (vs. the whole Fediverse). I'm on I really like the space/admin. If you're down with furries, is pretty rad. for you techier types, I've seen SUCH a better tech culture on there... So those are a few. And remember how we're down w/paying for better Twitter? Tip your admins! <3

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There's a good question. Do we have any good kid-friendly instances? Seems a good thing to recommend.


Carrots, ranch and coffee for breakfast

All the people that bought Bitcoin for the S2X movement are now exiting xD

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Digital computers are themselves more complex than most things people build:
They have very large numbers of states. This makes conceiving, describing,
and testing them hard. Software systems have orders-of-magnitude more states
than computers do.
-- Fred Brooks, Jr.

The SegWit2x Bitcoin hardfork has been cancelled.

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Reefer Madness quote 

Smoke the marijuana
Sail the sea of sin
Reach a hot nirvana
Tremble from within
Serve your appetite!
Plan to stay the night!

Does anybody know of a torrent for the Paradise Papers

'It's always sunny in Philadelphia' is such a quality series. The characters are hilarious and they act great together.

A group of people run a bar in Philadelpia, and it's basically just their shenanigans.

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