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mental health 

Starting to think I'm fundamentally incapable of changing myself after all.

Rather than the current delete + redraft method which is mildly confusing/pollutes the timeline even more than I already do.

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I wish Mastodon had a way to append CWs after the fact for when you forget for whatever reason.

I kinda fucking hate the "it's never too late to learn!" positivity bullshit. It's true for some people with some goals and the right amount of useful time for it.

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How was I not aware of this killer Gundam Zeta OP cover by Richie Kotzen until now?

You’re letting me down, internet!

Rough night due to the heat and losing power, but I got /some/ sleep and didn't die so I'm chalking it up as a win.

Remains to be seen how the rest of the day will go, though.

Apparently I really enjoy bowling. I feel like this runs contrary to my barely existent aesthetic.

Eclipse Phase character creation is nuts, I love it.

Like, how cool is it that this exists and is open-source?

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Anytime I find out about new software I end up with a weird sinkhole of obsession. Today I found out about Mixxx and suddenly I'm on ebay looking for dj controllers even though I've never dj'd before.

Revived my mid-2000s habit of buying albums on impulse.

Not that I'm particularly planning on serving text files rather than a normal site, just not satisfied with org's html export and also feeling lazy atm

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Is there any accessibility downside to just serving text files rather than html? I assume screen readers do well with just text but it doesn't have anything to indicate headers/etc which might be important?

This is a couple years old now, but if you're looking to get into Finnish death metal this post is still great

I can't wait for my neighbors to light off enough fireworks to be confused with a mortar test range

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