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Yeah Cloudflare sucks but they have a cool lava lamp wall so we should just keep hucking all our eggs into their basket with reckless abandon.

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The internet's largest singular basket of eggs is down

Someone fucked up their BGP configuration and/or Cloudflare kicked it again.

Ordered a handful of different USB sticks, hopefully the Go likes one of them and boots from it. Getting some nice Windowsy slowdown already and eager to move on.

Every once in awhile I come across something that clicks in my brain and makes me so angry that I feel ill for ages after it. Today has had a couple of them.

My dad refers to wasting time horsing around as "playing grab ass" which is apparently an actual phrase and I just

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i like my online beef like i like my offline beef: with mustardon

Gibson guitars, disparaging comments about a public figure, rant 

New Mastodon layout is much nicer on the small screen of my tablet, worth the loss of information at a glance IMO.

Firefox is more battery friendly on my Surface Go than even the old, non-chromium based Edge which you'd think'd be optimized for it considering MS bundles it with their own hardware. It's not a small difference, either.

It's apparently super difficult to buy a decent laptop that doesn't have a fingerprint sensor these days. I really don't like paying for something I can't/won't use on top of it being ever visible.

Otherwise, might be time to bite the bullet on a "proper" laptop again, even if it means my bag needs updating.

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So, no luck with getting Linux onto the Surface Go, refuses to boot from USB like the stick doesn't even exist. A Reddit post leads me to believe it might be a USB 2 vs USB 3 thing, and I'm pretty into this thing hardware wise since it slips into the tiny bag I use so I may as well buy a cheap USB 3 stick before I throw my hands up and look at other options.

Guess who's unable to stand again, wooooooooooo

Back still bad, not as bad but still like "have to power scream to stand up" bad. Have to figure out how to move a 350lb package from street side up a ~300ft shallow gravel grade by 2PM (and meeting the delivery driver without collapsing).

Aggravated my herniated disc and can't stand up, have to piss super bad, and no one home to help me upright. Fun Thursday evening.

Having played around with it a bit and making sure everything is in working order, I think it's time to install Linux on this Surface Go and hope that everything works. Main concern is wifi, but it seems like it *should* work.

The quality of this "review" is why I don't get paid or given free hardware to apply premium labels to.

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