Some music for tonight: Jun Fukamachi - Queen Emeraldas Synthesizer Fantasy [44:03]


Nothing says Monday like waking up at quarter to 5 with stomach pain and not being able to get back to sleep.

Bibio james 🎮 

Willing to offer (almost) anyone in the Fediverse some of my drunken confidence if they need any. I'm equipped with borderline dangerous amounts.

In case I forget tomorrow (it's my dad's birthday on top of New Year's Eve), Happy (early) New Year fediverse, here's to grinding out 2020.

Mild blood 


You can tell it's Monday by how much I wanna throw my laptop into a chipper and become a hermit.

@claudiom It's solid, hard but not like some of the modern 'you have to have been playing doom daily for 25 years' stuff hah

Making up for my lack of friends by binging Persona 5 and pretending.

@dthompson from a glance it looks like it supports all the necessary bands for getting full service here ( At $150 I'm half tempted to give it a try myself. Also, don't trust me on this since I don't really follow this stuff anymore but I *think* the MALI-400 GPU has fully open support now?

@tarzanboy currently doing this. Getting nothing done but watching years old MLB clips, but that's life.

Contains Toad 

I swear if one of these guitars sells before I get home and find out if I can swing it I'll be... sorta bummed out.

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