@dthompson from a glance it looks like it supports all the necessary bands for getting full service here (support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-). At $150 I'm half tempted to give it a try myself. Also, don't trust me on this since I don't really follow this stuff anymore but I *think* the MALI-400 GPU has fully open support now?

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It's going down below freezing tonight too so fuck me I guess.

Why bother with estimates of they're always going to be so wrong?

Still no power and 11PM tonight is now 3PM tomorrow

Power still out, allegedly still on track to be back later tonight but we'll see.

@tarzanboy currently doing this. Getting nothing done but watching years old MLB clips, but that's life.

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I swear if one of these guitars sells before I get home and find out if I can swing it I'll be... sorta bummed out.

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@007 If you like root beer you might like the superior (IMO) birch beer, but that's probably even harder to find outside of the US because it's pretty regional here too.

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@phel Conveniently captures the moment before the "Umm, please help" meowing, hah

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Lenovo made a USB-C to Slim Tip adapter but for some reason seem to only market it in Australia and a couple eBay listings from the UK for ~$35 (plus shipping), so I guess I'm going to buy another used charger for my X250 because fuck paying $46 for a new one from Lenovo.

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