Anybody got some recommended resources for someone looking to transition from a manual labor job to something that offers the option to work remotely. Been meaning to do this for years, frankly, but current events make it even more important for my mental/physical health. Programming/etc specifically, sorry I can't be more specific rn, frankly I dunno what I'm even looking for.

I think most office jobs have the potential for remote. Maybe bigger companies moreso. Things like programmer, analyst, anything involving staring at a computer screen and listening to conference calls all day. I would look for any entry level or level 1 or 2 with skills that fit your skills. Not sure if it's still true but being good with excel used to be good enough.

@cxcf Depending on the kind of labour, it may work well to look at where you are, and how to get there from here. For example: it may be easier to pick up project management skills and translate those to office scenarios. Or, depending on what you do, accounting. Or graphic arts, or user interface design.

It all really depends, but these ideas may be helpful to you.

@cxcf Addendum:

If your kind of manual labour is machinist-type stuff, you might be able to get into engineering design, which is something else that can be done remotely. Some kinds of chemistry too - but then, there's also potential for something where you can do piecework. There are quite a few people with electronics chops who build kits for musicians... it really depends on your skills.

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