COVID-19 Adjacent, shitpost, accordions 

COVID-19 Adjacent, shitpost, accordions 

I kinda want to learn to paint but I'd need a tutorial that's targeted at people who can't reliably draw stick figures and/or people with the mental capacity of a shriveled walnut.


Anybody got some recommended resources for someone looking to transition from a manual labor job to something that offers the option to work remotely. Been meaning to do this for years, frankly, but current events make it even more important for my mental/physical health. Programming/etc specifically, sorry I can't be more specific rn, frankly I dunno what I'm even looking for.

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Remember, the GOP has blocked every infrastructure bill and policy for the last decade to spite Obama and his legacy.

Think about that the next time go to the market and see bare shelves in a country that has a multi trillion dollar economy.


COVID-19 implication 

COVID-19 implication 

I want to play all the instruments.

I love how some websites are so badly made that it takes 3x longer for text to show up than it took to type it.

Speaking of, if you have any tips/tricks related to getting a USB interface to behave I'm all for 'em. My Behringer one works surprisingly well but has issues with recording and playback at the same time.

I've been using Linux again on my primary system and I have to admit that Windows is a fucking slog to deal with for the most part. It has a head start in the audio frontier but for the amount of extra performance I get from my hardware running Debian I can't complain that much, honestly.

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There's so much good music out there and I'm glad that I've experienced so many people across the spectrum of existence sharing and having fun with each other.


Some music for tonight: Jun Fukamachi - Queen Emeraldas Synthesizer Fantasy [44:03]


Nothing says Monday like waking up at quarter to 5 with stomach pain and not being able to get back to sleep.

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