Sanity check here, is it just me or do .space domains that don't exist redirect to some shitty, most likely fictional "studio" site? I had issues with my own .space domain redirecting to it before I put up a site using it, and some digging around it could possibly be related to Verizon fucking with DNS.

I try to avoid digging through YT recommendations because I lose hours to them too easily, but this was too cool to pass up -

New coffee maker works great, but the coffee's substantially stronger than the instant I've been drinking. I feel like I'm going to vibrate out of reality.

Leftover chili & rice with coffee for breakfast. Hits the spot after hitting the beer a bit hard last night. 😩

Accidentally crossed the threshold from energized to jittery. Great for getting things done.

I broke and decided that I drink enough coffee to warrant buying a decent (still drip) coffee maker... and a bunch of coffee.

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BREAKING: ICANN has voted to REJECT the sale of the .ORG registry to private equity firm Ethos Capital. This is a major victory for the millions of nonprofits, civil society organizations, and individuals who make .ORG their home online. #SaveDotOrg

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What a great show! Be sure to catch tonight's "33 & 1/3" as well as many previous ones on the archives! 🎶 👍 🎶

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$80 and five minutes later, my X250 now has 16GB of RAM.

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notch: becomes a billionaire, spends the rest of his life being a pathetic racist incel online

toady one: casually adds gay and trans dwarves to dwarf fortress and bans anyone who complains about it

It's fun to see that a lot of people I know are up late tonight. Dunno why, just one of those nights I guess.

Living with someone who can't go 5 minutes without talking is infuriating.

Few things make me feel stupider than being called out on not being good at thinking on my feet quickly during tabletop sessions.

COVID-19 Adjacent, shitpost, accordions 

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COVID-19 Adjacent, shitpost, accordions 

I kinda want to learn to paint but I'd need a tutorial that's targeted at people who can't reliably draw stick figures and/or people with the mental capacity of a shriveled walnut.


Anybody got some recommended resources for someone looking to transition from a manual labor job to something that offers the option to work remotely. Been meaning to do this for years, frankly, but current events make it even more important for my mental/physical health. Programming/etc specifically, sorry I can't be more specific rn, frankly I dunno what I'm even looking for.

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Remember, the GOP has blocked every infrastructure bill and policy for the last decade to spite Obama and his legacy.

Think about that the next time go to the market and see bare shelves in a country that has a multi trillion dollar economy.


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