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Lenovo made a USB-C to Slim Tip adapter but for some reason seem to only market it in Australia and a couple eBay listings from the UK for ~$35 (plus shipping), so I guess I'm going to buy another used charger for my X250 because fuck paying $46 for a new one from Lenovo.

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Sometimes I try to show people things from here that have left me wheezing and all that happens is they lose even more respect for me.

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Been having one of those days which of course means I've been making it worse on purpose because, clearly, I deserve only the best bad days.

I hate the guilt trip tactics that every service/mailing list/whatever uses.

Is there any way to export all your notes from iOS/macOS Notes app? I have a ton of stuff that I'd like to keep but I don't want to manually copy-paste a bajillion times.


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Starting to think I'm fundamentally incapable of changing myself after all.

Rather than the current delete + redraft method which is mildly confusing/pollutes the timeline even more than I already do.

I wish Mastodon had a way to append CWs after the fact for when you forget for whatever reason.

I kinda fucking hate the "it's never too late to learn!" positivity bullshit. It's true for some people with some goals and the right amount of useful time for it.

Fundamentally, I should be alone.

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How was I not aware of this killer Gundam Zeta OP cover by Richie Kotzen until now?

You’re letting me down, internet!

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