NBC get your shit together, how can a big network like this make such a blunder.

I wonder if SGDQ will be good this year

>turn on stream
>people screaming ORB every five minutes

Maybe next year

>no fly me to the moon credits

FUCK you netflix, botched retranslation is one thing, but screwing up the comfiest ED is unforgivable

I cannot believe it, he's actually in.

Glad to see the guys who thought we were getting Banjo or Steve get completely BTFO

Avengers game looks like a weird offbrand honestly.

Devolver conference kino as always.

Thank god Devolver is up next to save this e3.

90 minutes for this conference is so obnoxious. Could have been a tight 30 minutes of Doom, Wolfenstein, and that japanese thing, everything else has been trash/bloat.

They're pretty late to party on streaming games, but I'm sure they'll claim they invented it next year.

"I really feel accepted playing as a super soldier killing demons on Mars."

More pointless "real people" vids filled almost exclusively with quirky hipsters, please end this.

He said the fuck word, please ban Bethesda from future e3s.

Looks good though, like it plays fast and isn't another cover shooter.

"Did I mention you KILL NAZIS in this game?"

Like you can make the exact same game but have something other than cards represent your units/powers/whatever

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