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When you start the Jimmie Vaughan artist radio on Tidal and every. single. song is Eric Clapton. πŸ˜•

Did you know that In France They Kiss on Main Street?

Joni Mitchel (g/v), Pat Metheny (g), Lyle Mays (k), Jaco Pastorious (b), Don Alias (d)

Happy Valentine's day to everyone except Ernesto de la Cruz! β™₯

Dear every company doing business today:

Please stop asking me to complete a survey after every. Single. Interaction.


I did some crate/box digging today. I picked up a few albums but there wasn't much I was interested in.

Wayne Shorter's latest, EMANON, is available for streaming now on Tidal. I'm on my first listen. It seems pretty epic--big sound, like an orchestra.

I dreamed I was in the huge record store I frequent and realized there were records UNDER the bins. I started digging through one and found a bunch of Robert Cray albums that were NOT Strong Persuader.

Introducing: The Nu Jazz Lad

Shoestring belt holding up Dickies, tiny hat, bang into Ezra Collective? If you're not this guy, you know him.

The Django Reinhardt "Essentials" playlist on Tidal doesn't contain Nuages. What?

Here's a version with clarinet instead of Grappelli's violin:

I'm sad that Google is discontinuing Chromecast Audio. I wanted to pick up a couple more but it looks like they're sold out everywhere. πŸ˜”

recently started rolling out "My Mix" playlists. They are finite, and they do a pretty good job of blending/mixing styles. They are probably not the greatest for discovery, but they are pretty enjoyable when you just want to put some music on.

The first record I ever bought was Go West by the Village People. It was 1979 and I was pretty young. In the Navy was a big hit, on the heels of YMCA, so I bought the album. I'm a little embarrassed to admit this. Eventually, I would make my way to blues and jazz, but this is where I started.


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