If I gain anything out of this experience, it's that naivety is a good thing in getting things done. If I had known more about what goes into writing an emulator, and how tedious it can be, I don't know if I would have actually started on it.

I might have exaggerated when I said there was no mapping in Gameboy. There's a little, but it's nowhere near as crazy as NES emulation

Look at all these ld's. I can cut down on a lot of them from the 0x40-0x7F range by just changing the register based on position, but there's a ton of things there that I can't think of an intelligent solution beyond a bunch of ifs. Time for a lot of typing... mastodon.xyz/media/FYTs14POs73

Today's goal is write the ld opcode, which will mean I've written basically half of the opcodes

As fun as implementing a bunch of opcodes is, I probably ought to figure out how to actually render something on the screen.

I feel like actually having something on the screen that looks remotely like a gameboy would be something of a crowning achievement for me so far, because most of my work at work, or just in school has been moving data from pipe to pipe.

It'd be nice to think I can do more.

Two things I want done on my site:
1) tls
2) get wiki.connorobrien.com working, too bad I don't get dns


My emulator now has a (very boring) website! The only hint that there's something other than HTML/CSS there right now is some debugging output in the console.

Doing cb-prefixed opcodes looked scary at first, but after a second glance you can drastically reduce the amount of time implementing opcodes by realizing that the registers/bits used are all aligned in a consistent order, so it's pretty easy to reuse the code :D

I've gotten jp working, which doesn't seem to do anything fancy, just sets the PC to the two bytes ahead of the opcode, but call seems like it might be a bit trickier.

As far as I can tell, call is for functions, and jp is a GOTO, so I think the main difference between the functions is that call should put the current PC on the stack and then to a jump.

Working on a gameboy emulator! github.com/cpobrien/GB4Web
i'm keeping standards really low right now, just so I have more of a chance of making headway. I feel like if I set my standards too high then it'll just seem like too hopeless of an ordeal

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Ohh, it's called unpin, but how expand? I'd like my feed to be larger than 20 characters long

Is there anyway to minimize some of the windows that are open in Mastodon? I'd like to see more of timeline + home, and less of notifications + toot window

This will do. I used pyxeledit.com/ to make it using the Gameboy palette. My hair isn't actually green, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hi everyone! I guess the first thing I should do is find a profile picture so I don't look like the Mastodon equivalent of a Twitter egg.


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