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feeling the dread seep into my bones, the fear that the way of the world is to just be the nastiest, most heartless person who only cares about themselves, and anyone that likes to be kind or help others in general is an anomaly

hey do any of you get the sadbrains feeling sometimes where you can't enjoy watching anything, because you're just reminded of how worthless you are compared to other people and how you will never ever create something as good as that

anyway haha yeah, big mood

most blessed sound in the world: cockatiel saying "whatcha doin"

got gendered correctly when buying bread at my favourite bakery today, my soul is happy

this is genuinely the funniest thing in the whole world to me and I have no idea who to credit

you, broke, normal, pleb: holding a chip in your mouth like a cigarette

me, woke, high level, galaxy brain: eating a entire cigarette like a chip

"heart that's full up like a landfill" is big fuckin mood

gonna watch Venom this thursday

i wasn't gonna but then i heard there's a fuckin scene in which Tom Hardy basically improvs jumping into a lobster tank and now i just have to

Still thinkin of the end of Mandy

I don't really have the adequate film vocab to express this weird feeling of nihilism and bittersweet emotions that I have every time I think of the ending scenes in the car

it's 4pm, i have my salted egg milk drink abomination, it's time to watch Mandy

@cosmicconure I don't speak for all trans people, but personally whenever I get misgendered, which is daily, I do a play by play of the moment to figure out what the fuck I did wrong and it's kinda exhausting actually

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Me: actions have no gender. Gender is a scam, present how you want

Also me: hmmm is the way I flick my fringe out of my eyes too feminine

Dreamt that I managed to work with some people I really admire and in the dream I failed badly and made them all hate me

My brain won't even let me have a simple fantasy

the world is hell and i really don't know what anyone can do to fix anything that matters and i feel bad for concentrating on personal issues at all because they're so insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

i'm gonna get that salted egg milk drink tomorrow though. worth it

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