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Mid-week with new HTRK album in a dark room, echos, and jittery cats.

it’s hard unwinding the years of cynicism of being a sysadmin to realise that my company values me enough to want to help me grow into being a “proper”(?) leader, but it’s happening. The best thing I can do is to try and give my team chances like this, too. Or maybe I’m just on the Other Side, now, and can’t be trusted? After almost 30 years of work I appreciate being able to turn tech back into the kind of hobby that excited me in the first place. I guess this is my way of embracing management.

Happy 30th birthday, ! I turned up to a (video) meeting of the user group that I helped some friends start about 28 years ago, and still going strong - much respect to the people who put in the hard work over so many years to keep it alive.

listening to some not-too-loud music in the dark (in this case, Washed Out) and appreciating the lights on the lemons. It’s the little things.
#lockdown #saturdaynight #darkness #music #lemons
remembering the old joke - “I lost my job at the computer shop. Someone asked me for advice about a hard drive and I told them ‘Perth to Sydney in a Datsun 120Y’.” #OldCars #Datsun #120Y #cropped #LeicaM #Summicron50mm #VSCOcam #Prestonia
late Saturday morning, cleaning the gutters (as one does), when I got a voicemail saying “hi, it’s Stefan, I’m about to drop your record off.” Sure enough, the doorbell rang and there he was! Great listening from a fun band - I love the glossary in the liner notes, and a locked groove is always a nice touch.
#ekranoplans #music #bands #ozmusic #records #vinyl #local #HipstamaticX
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