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Mysterious posters asking people if they would know if they were dreaming have been popping up over Sheffield:

In these #unprecedented and troubling times, remember to always...
"look after your well being"

..and remember that #wellbeing and well being mean different things
#ink #scribble #artwork

excellent choice to listen to that Yume Bitsu album before bed. Calming and epic, at the same time.

Enjoying forgetting to log back in to work-Slack on my phone after 3 weeks off. How long will it last?

The reissue of Yellow Swans’ #drone #fuzz classic _Going Places_ arrived today from @boomkatonline - just the thing to clear my head out one final time before I return to work tomorrow after 3 weeks off.
#musick #YellowSwans #records

An unproductive walk is one where I return with _zero_ photographs. I guess I'll call that one exercise.

Here's your 30 day reminder, fellow Australians, that the Great Aussie Bird Count is on again this year, from the 19th to 25th of October.

#bird #Australia

one of the finest albums in existence - another arrival from @roundandroundrecords yesterday.
#mogwai #records #musick #HipstamaticX
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