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An unproductive walk is one where I return with _zero_ photographs. I guess I'll call that one exercise.

Here's your 30 day reminder, fellow Australians, that the Great Aussie Bird Count is on again this year, from the 19th to 25th of October.

#bird #Australia

one of the finest albums in existence - another arrival from @roundandroundrecords yesterday.
#mogwai #records #musick #HipstamaticX
when I saw the words “John Zorn” and “lounge album” I knew I had to have it. Cheers for the delivery, Round & Round Records!
#musick #records #JohnZorn #Tzadik #BuyLocal

A quiet evening, a non-fancy beer, and Vic Chesnutt’s fabulous album _The Salesman and Bernadette_, with #Lambchop all over it. Glorious. #musick #memories

Amfora has a new Homebrew tap! It's official now. Thanks to @Jackymancs4 for maintaining the old one.

If you're on macOS, this is the preferred way to install Amfora.

brew tap makeworld-the-better-one/tap

brew install amfora


I’ve seen these things growing in the side streets and alleyways of Preston for years, but I’ve still no idea what they are. Soundtrack was Kicking Against the Pricks and a Panel of Judges album.
#walks #holiday #Preston #flora #HipstamaticX

Did you play in [average indie band] in [second class city] in [1998] and have since moved on to become a primary school teacher or archbishop or something?

Go dig out your old bands CDs, rip them and put them up on Bandcamp for like $2. Someone out there, like me, who loved your music but lost/destroyed your CD years ago will be *very* happy to find you again.

(I’m utterly extatic to have just found this

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