@kensanata could you think of it a different way? If you learn to take pictures the way you want (either the “right” composition and/or exposure) you could take fewer photos to start with, too. Life’s short. I also prefer taking photos to fiddling with them!

@liamvhogan My dad used to work for the lands department in HK back in the 80's I remember looking at some of the survey photos they took with the old magnifying glass and thinking wow.

Interesting piece on the
Stereolab Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements/Mars Audiac Quintet rereleases and the rich confluence of currents at this point in history that they (and the bonus tracks/demos) reveal:


as I cycled home yesterday afternoon, two guys raced around a corner in a tiny car, singing along to Together in Electric Dreams.

Tired: chilled electropop by Swedes dreaming of tropical climates
Wired: instrumental hip-hop by Mongolians dreaming of Brazil


@acb yes! I figured that out when I was trying to sleep last night. Shall do.

It’s Monday evening and I *still* haven’t found the TZ config section for my cats.

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