Ancient sysadmin wisdom:

You want the shell environment on production servers to be as user-hostile as possible to discourage people from spending time there. I like the korn shell for this.

(via QuinnyPig)

Strangely inappropriate typo on Dvorak layout 

Is anybody feeding trucks to the Montague Street bridge? How will it survive lockdown?

Melbourne weather 

@ajft I tread carefully in the memories, these days.

I’ve been fiddling with . It feels a little more fun / clean than wrestling with a Hugo static website. gemini://

Descending into a rabbit hole. Useful? I've no idea? Fun? Possibly. Who doesn't miss text, text, text!

Yo La Tengo are now on Bandcamp:

Only one track so far, though

Do you use Gitlab? I made a handy CLI thing to check/wait on a pipeline -

I, too, just built a new Thing to replace a 2011 Thing. I didn’t think I still remembered how to assemble PCs, but my hands knew what to do.

@futzle Yep, I've absolutely had to dig up that ad to show people from time to time.

a perfectly cold afternoon to be stuck at home, listening to The Necks and reading The Wire Magazine -

Here’s a sneak peek at the new Site.js web site/page for the next version of Site.js.

No frameworks or build systems for such a simple thing. Just hand-written HTML, CSS, and JS. All minified and packaged up as a single 146KB HTTP request currently being served from my laptop at home:

When I say Small Web, I mean *small* ;P

PS. If you notice any issues, typos, etc., please do let me know.

(Depending on when you hit it, I might have turned the server off.) :)

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