Hi folks, I’m sorry I’ve been away for a while, but I needed a break. I hope you’re all well.

@acb only a _bit_ out of sorts. things shall improve.

an accurate representation of how I feel this long weekend - a bit out of sorts. I suspect I’m not alone.
#SouthPreston #OldHouses #blinds #clouds #weatherboard #HipstamaticX

Mysterious posters asking people if they would know if they were dreaming have been popping up over Sheffield:

@kensanata @trains I’ve been on the “bullet” trains in china - they don’t even let you on the platform until it’s boarding time, because other (not-stopping) ones pass by so fast. Amazing to see.

In these #unprecedented and troubling times, remember to always...
"look after your well being"

..and remember that #wellbeing and well being mean different things
#ink #scribble #artwork
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