@duncanhart @futzle I did the same, and loved it for a few months until…Hugo updates broke because of errors that were even harder to debug than PHP-related ones you get from Wordpress. While I can pin the Hugo version to avoid dealing with this until…some day, it’s not the wonderland I’d hoped for.

@futzle I’ve provided PRs to software to support Ctrl-U for exactly this reason, but sure, this is even better!

lastfm music 

@ajft needs more psychedelic rock or space rock or something!

Up for a morning ride, and split off from my normal loop to check in on Guan Yin / 观音 at the ill-fated Chùa Linh Sơn temple.
#cycling #reservoir #观音 #GuanYin #statues #HipstamaticX #temple

Insidious earworm, pandemic adjacent, YouTube link 

@futzle you know there was a Melbourne band called People With Chairs Up Their Noses, right? punkjourney.com/people-with-ch

Melbourne University have uploaded scans of every Melway street directory from 1966 to 1999:


Now someone needs to code up a browser to let you scroll back and forth through time in a page

Not enough film shot over a long time, and of course I forgot another roll of 120 that I remembered was in one of my many bags. But these are now with the developing gods, and I look forward to remembering some 2020 memories sometime next week.
#film #35mm #120 #not120mm #BelieveInFilm

security instagram 

@ajft oh boy. i went for a few weeks getting them every few minutes. spamtastic.

that first week back at work after a holiday is always the hardest, and now it's over.

We managed to introduce @kanyapond to her first Australian Roadside Big Thing earlier this week. Maybe some day we’ll make it to the Big Banana, but I suspect the slightly scary Big Koala might be next.
#BigStrawberry #Victoria #travels #latergram #HipstamaticX #BigThings

work covid-19 melbourne 

@ajft bums on seats or else, eh?

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