a perfectly cold afternoon to be stuck at home, listening to The Necks and reading The Wire Magazine - thenecksau.bandcamp.com/album/

Here’s a sneak peek at the new Site.js web site/page for the next version of Site.js.

No frameworks or build systems for such a simple thing. Just hand-written HTML, CSS, and JS. All minified and packaged up as a single 146KB HTTP request currently being served from my laptop at home:


When I say Small Web, I mean *small* ;P

PS. If you notice any issues, typos, etc., please do let me know.

(Depending on when you hit it, I might have turned the server off.) :)

Something I have been working on recently:


A system for making scripting with AudioUnit instruments on macOS more convenient. Consists of a tool for building/editing AudioUnit networks with named nodes, and some code for loading them and playing/controlling the nodes. Currently works mostly in Xcode Playgrounds, and the editor will export a playground ready to edit.

That feel when you try to write "system admin" but end up describing yourself as a "systemd admin"

dubbo (n., chiefly SE Aus) a thin layer of orange dust. “We got a bit of dubbo on the ground after yesterday’s rain.”

As 2019 draws to a close, here is my customary list of Records Of The Year:


if apps collected personal data to "improve their service", services would be good by now

@liamvhogan My dad used to work for the lands department in HK back in the 80's I remember looking at some of the survey photos they took with the old magnifying glass and thinking wow.

Interesting piece on the
Stereolab Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements/Mars Audiac Quintet rereleases and the rich confluence of currents at this point in history that they (and the bonus tracks/demos) reveal:


as I cycled home yesterday afternoon, two guys raced around a corner in a tiny car, singing along to Together in Electric Dreams.

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