Happy 30th birthday, ! I turned up to a (video) meeting of the user group that I helped some friends start about 28 years ago, and still going strong - much respect to the people who put in the hard work over so many years to keep it alive.

listening to some not-too-loud music in the dark (in this case, Washed Out) and appreciating the lights on the lemons. It’s the little things.
#lockdown #saturdaynight #darkness #music #lemons
remembering the old joke - “I lost my job at the computer shop. Someone asked me for advice about a hard drive and I told them ‘Perth to Sydney in a Datsun 120Y’.” #OldCars #Datsun #120Y #cropped #LeicaM #Summicron50mm #VSCOcam #Prestonia
late Saturday morning, cleaning the gutters (as one does), when I got a voicemail saying “hi, it’s Stefan, I’m about to drop your record off.” Sure enough, the doorbell rang and there he was! Great listening from a fun band - I love the glossary in the liner notes, and a locked groove is always a nice touch.
#ekranoplans #music #bands #ozmusic #records #vinyl #local #HipstamaticX
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