Tired: chilled electropop by Swedes dreaming of tropical climates
Wired: instrumental hip-hop by Mongolians dreaming of Brazil


It’s Monday evening and I *still* haven’t found the TZ config section for my cats.

“We’ve learned that bad technical decisions are hard to undo.” in a post on how Wikipedia approached tackling technical debt medium.com/freely-sharing-the-

that thing where old friends know you far better then you know yourself.

sinking into an old Boards of Canada album before the weekend evaporates. tomorrow involves delving into my long-forgotten past (data centres! real servers!), and I'm hoping the muscle memory still works.

current reading goals: a book about rest (cheers Colin) and a book about silence. bring it.

Photos of old hand-made shopfront signage in Ireland, where it hasn’t yet been subsumed by ugly, fluorescent-backlit Arial text, as in the UK:


The very definition of - having to stop my cat from eating the plastic cover of a les rallizes denudes album

I guess I should do an (/#introductions?) - I joined up last year and then promptly forgot about Mastodon for a while. I’ve been using (and and such) since 1992 but don’t hate Macs. Finding all sorts of odd was my first hobby as such, my second - I’m looking for a third. I’m extremely lucky to work in IT for a company that’s helped me understand that it’s all about looking after people. I have much to learn.

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