I think it's really interesting how people seem to be interacting in the public channels, and it's very nice that no one is yelling at eachother. Thank you nice good people.


Follow @PolymerWitch , who is live-tooting setting up a masto instance!

So are many of the Mastodon users French? Or the public timeline just surfaces users I might not normally cross with?

Thanks Zach! My ego feels majorly boosted.

So is there just not a way to see your faves? They're purely for the ego of the person you're faving? I wonder if this even notifies you, actually.... I can't reply to your toot over in botspace from this instance, but there IS an API -

There's also some utilities to hook up to it -

I don't know if it's intentional, but toots feel a lot more ephemeral than tweets to me.
- Not seeing how many responses/boosts/faves a toot has without opening
- Not being able to tell a toot is part of a thread
- Timeline of all toots from everyone scrolling by


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