eliminating the electoral college now is unwise

1) unless more controls are placed on $ in campaigns, eliminating the EC will drive up the cost of elections giving more power to the money-men
2) the electoral college could actually help boost third parties, which most say they want
3) the EC is trending Democratic, the senate seems to be entrenched Republican. .thus the EC could provide some balance
4)proposals like the NPVIC may be attempts to divert from adding representatives or states

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campaigns can now take some states for givens. .Democrats for example dont have to advertise in expensive media markets like NewYork or California. Also as advertising approaches saturation in the battleground states the dollars become less beneficial.
It should be noted too that the battleground states are probably fairly representative of the nation as a whole.

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some states are pretty well one sided for presidential elections. . ..if a person is on the out side in one of these states they can vote 3rd party without hurting the "corresponding" major party candidate. . .. for example all Wyoming democrats could've voted green without hurting Biden as he wouldn't win Wyoming's electors anyway (and its winner-take-all electors)

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I have seen some analysis that the college actually favors Democrats now, tho recent elections seem to disprove it. I believe this is based on the probability of "paths to a win., and not really partisanship but rural/urban power within the system.

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NPVIC=national popular vote interstate compact, a proposal to effectively nullify the EC without a constitutional amendment that has already passed in a number of states.

merely adding representatives would likely blunt some perceived negativeness of the EC. something the US used to do but the number has been essentially frozen since ~ 1929

adding states would also add numbers to the electoral college

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