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I think this may be the first truly functional face shield design that I have seen. I still worry about the chin and cheeks area design (this fit isn't safe at all), but we are getting there.

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This face shield worn like glasses is designed to keep you fashionably safe bit.ly/3jEpzol

seems the sorry British "legal" system allows this kind of what I would call gamesmanship. Ware seems to be mad at the twittersphere. . . .but hes suing Corbyn apparently. . .

and the idiotic "new management" of Labour party practiced mis management when they fell for this "legal" crying and paid out


this outfit [ electoralpolls.com/ ] runs 20,000 electoral college simulations with recent polls and various margins of error. This is the probability curve it finds. Ironic that the left seem hell bent on eliminating the electoral college

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