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Out of curiosity, does anyone happen to know what's up with the 2600 Off The Hook feed? The last download I have is from October 10th via their RSS. 😕

Watching be Trump on my lunch break (I have a strong stomach 😉):

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Ok, teh is calling out my name, and I must heed the call. 😄

Snagged me a shot of Cuban to rev me up for the rest of the morning. ☕

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« — So, I heard you worked in IT, what is it you do exactly ?
— Honestly, you can just consider me a replaceable kind of intelligent processor plugged somewhere in the company's infrastructure »

Of course, third party ROMs got you covered. 😎

A new release, this time with the ability to boot from thanks to the project and .

ReactOS 0.4.10 released | ReactOS Project

I can securely say that this morning is worse than anything politics related today and days past. 😒 ⛈☔

Wow. Can't keep my eyes open anymore. Time for bed. G'night all. 💤 😴

These midterm elections are definitely a nail-biter.

Finally at home, resting, and watching House of Cards on Election Night. Fitting...

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