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Playing with my sons. As you can see, I'm already dead. πŸ€ͺ

OK, I'm redoing the export of my account on another computer and letting it run. Let's see if it eventually gives me the download link. Otherwise, something might be broken on the site for exporting data.

Anyway, work for the day is almost done. As they say during shows, "3 MINUTE WARNING!" 😁

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So I guess I should make an #introduction huh.

Well I'm Antillion, I'm 20 years old from Argentina. I'm a raging leftist, shitposter and overall a human being. I enjoy technology and I constantly try and fail to be a programmer but it's cool I guess. I recently moved from after getting an invite and I'm looking forwards to posting here and having a bit of fun maybe perhaps.

So yeah I hope I can maybe make y'all laugh a bit and much love.

Looks like this day is going to require more than just afternoon . 😬

Out of curiosity, how long does it take to export an archive of your account? Just need a rough estimate. First time I'm doing this. I've already got the other data exported, but I wanted an archive of everything (estimated size is about 1.17 GB).

Thanks! πŸ‘

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@FiXato I have an alt, but I need a main alt (if that makes any sense).

Seems like is back online....for now.

Time to get cleaned up and ready for another week of working from home. Maybe I can get in a bit of piano practice before going to sleep. 🎹

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science fiction: in the future, robots will do everything a human can!


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I think I'm going to cut and dye my hair tomorrow, don't let me off the hook on this one

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The first 30 seconds of an unusually pretty etude (Kreutzer 38)

What a great show tonight! Thanks again, @snowdusk_! Be sure to catch the archive if you missed it!

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