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What's the difference between a hippo and a zippo? Show more

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@_xhr_ There are other command options which you'll find in the man page if you need them (I haven't needed the others yet).

@_xhr_ LOL! Thanks but I'm far from an expert. 😊 I am using which is available as a package via pkg_add in . Once you have that installed, copy the "id1" directory with the .pak files to your desired path or dropping the id1 directory to the default path for QuakeSpasm.

If you use your desired path location for id1 instead of the default, you have to run QuakeSpasm as follows...

quakespasm -basedir /desired/path/location/

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connect to SDF COM MODE chat and let's say HI to the curious visitors at the @SDF exhibit at the Vintage Computer Festival Pacific NW happening right now @ the Living Computers Museum, Seattle, WA !

no password needed to connect 👍

here is the photo of the computer where COM MODE chat is running right now at the SDF exhibit! Thanks again to Yoshamano for sharing the photo!

don't forget to say HI to @smj at the booth!

#vcf #vcfpnw

deets abt the VCF 👉

@jonw I think so, with the exception of BLU who kept doing it after being called out.

Finally sending out my and as I've been up for about 30 minutes already (give or take). Hope everyone's enjoying their day. 👍

As for me, time to get some Kafie . ☕ 😉

@Louisa That's the love we have for our children. 👩‍👧🙂

Had a great night out tonight. Wish it could have lasted longer, but as they say, "All good things must come to an end." Of course, "to be continued" tomorrow. 😉👍😎

In the meantime, and to all in the . 😊

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