Looking for / alternatives to popular proprietary solutions? Look no further.

Much better than alternativeto.net IMO.


@claudiom wow, Claudio, this is amazing. My new bookmark and material for next articles. Thanks!

#freesw #FOSS #alternative

@claudiom thanks Claudio, thanks to you now I know one more thing after GitLab & Gitea, it is OneDev, the new GitLab, simplified. It looks very promising to me.

Site: github.com/theonedev/onedev

#gogs #gitlab #gitea #onedev #freesw #foss #alternative #github

@claudiom I looked at it and liked where it was going, but it doesn't provide much context to go on, so it is just a "this also exists" list, and some of the suggestions are quite advanced. So a bit of a shame it is not taken further.

@mjjzf This may still be new, but it shows promise compared to alternativeto.net.

@claudiom It doesn't mention #Jira. And I'm not sure if e.g. #Taiga.io is on par with that.

@gemlog No.

Ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives to well-known software?




@gemlog ahhhhhh, espera espera, ahora voy viendo, parece buena cosa no?


@gemlog aquí pondria Diaspora pra alternatica a facebook.

Que buen enlace, graciasssss...


@coloco @gemlog Si, ese es un buen enlace que me olvidé. Tenían una cuenta de Mastodon pero parece que no se está usando en frecuencia.

@claudiom tienen varias cuentas, a ver si damos con la que usan, si es que usan alguna claro.


@claudiom creo que los enlaces fallan pero ya sabemos mas.


@gemlog Yes. I had forgotten about that. They has a masto account but it hasn't posted in a while. @coloco

Yeah, I can't think of his name just now, but back when switching social quit, I had managed to get a mirror of it and I gave it to him as a starting point. He had plans, but it sat for a while after some initial link fixing, before it became what it is today - which is better than the original.
Good guy anyhow. Prolly needs some help actually. I think some was doing a 'copy' in español vs a translation - maybe others too.

@claudiom And hosted at Google 🙄 Totally funny...not.I hate how free software often makes a deal with the devil 😡 AlternativeTo.net is better.

@nipos Google also hosts AOSP, so unless you're using UBports or some other Linux phone, you're using Android. iOS isn't much better.

You opinion, which is fine. Alternativeto.net has never given me anything of use in all the years I've used it, mainly because it lists stale projects that have eventually died or some provide some closed, freeware or freemium version. But whatever.... 🤷‍♂️

@claudiom I'm using a Blackberry Passport with Blackberry OS but you can also download LineageOS from non-Google servers.And the best alternatives list is switching.software which only lists 100% free and privacy friendly software.

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