Nerding out this morning with on my laptop. Decided to give 9.0 a try in QEMU, especially since this would be my first time actually using QEMU (I've always used VirtualBox).

@Shrigglepuss Indeed it is! I tried it out many years ago but it (and my knowledge of it) was lacking. My knowledge is still lacking, but QEMU has improved quite a bit.

@claudiom I don't know it in any huge depth but it was the easiest way I could find to spin up a weird and specific type of Windows 98 VM from a terminal last time I had to do it

@Shrigglepuss Nice. I'm using the default settings for NIC, but I can't seem to get the installation to grab pkgin for NetBSD during the installation. Wonder if I'm missing something on the OpenBSD side. 🤔

@Shrigglepuss I guess I needed to add something to the string of commands on to forward the net traffic through localhost.

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@Shrigglepuss My mistake, that's for OpenBSD as a VM. I needed to check the NetBSD one. 🤷‍♂️

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