Couldn't have said it better myself. This is why I can't get into modern games (with the exception of 2016 and likely DOOM:Eternal). It's also why mods like Brutal DOOM, D4V, and so many others are giving games from that era, like DOOM, a new lease on life.

@claudiom Modern FPSes have two guns. Sometimes three. Doom had, like, five guns.

@greatjoe Not necessarily. Most are available as DLC to the point where it gets a little ornery. DOOM and other early FPS games only had a set amount available and were all key for use. Even the pistol, as mentioned in the article, still has its use when you don't want to burn through bullets with the chaingun. The pistol is very precise when you don't mash the mouse button, especially at long distance.

@claudiom My point is, if I play the latest Call of Duty, there's gonna be a gun that shoots straight once, a gun that shoots straight many times, and a gun that shoots once in a cone pattern.

Those three guns are copy/pasted over a huge variety of skins, with a few variables changed around, but they're the same three guns.

I've been complaining about this stuff for almost 20 years now, and I'm not contradicting Romero here.

@greatjoe Yeah, it's something that I subconsciously noticed with newer FPS games like COD and similar. I just couldn't get into them, and I now realize that this is why. Romero made it evident to me with this article.

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