Conducting the upgrade to on the PC at the middle school today. :fedora:

Heh, completely forgot I was upgrading this box until I turned and saw this screen. As you can see, it's an older HP xw4300 workstation. Looks like it's nearly done, but as I addressed in yesterday's toot about this particular screen, I need more info as I don't know which part of Stage 2 this is at. 😕⁉️

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@claudiom what country are you from? I'm intrigued by these power sockets

@n4utx @TheKinrar Yes, I am in the USA. Family is from Argentina but living in the US for many years now.

@claudiom @n4utx Oh, okay. Never been there and they look very different from EU/UK ones

@n4utx @TheKinrar Yeah, it is interesting to see outlets from other countries, regardless of where you are. I remember seeing a list of outlet types on Wikipedia...pretty interesting.

@n4utx @TheKinrar Funny enough, I did a search and came across this app for Android and iOS. 🔌

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