Rumors of 's death have, indeed, been greatly exaggerated. The development phase for 4.16 has started.

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Another DE dead to CSD bullshit. Guess I'll ve looking elsewhere...

@aladar I actually had to look up what CSD was. I suspected it was what GNOME does, and my suspicions were right. I know Remmina seems to do that because it does its own thing compared to how they should function when I use cwm. Usually in cwm, I have to hold Alt and then left click to move a window. Otherwise, it won't move. With Remmina, I can drag it like I would in MATE. Yeah, not a fan of that. I prefeer consistency in usability regardless of the wm/de I use.

I don't even code and I can still see how much shit GTK is causing everywhere. Because that's what we need, just another corporate pushed "standard" that's incompatible with the rest of the ecosystem. Because we just can't have nice things, ever.

@aladar I really should get more into Qt-based environments. If something like MATE but using Qt widgets existed, I'd love it. Yes, there's LXQt, but a lot of it is still missing things. PCManfm-Qt is still missing features that the GTK one has.

@aladar And yes, KDE can be made to function like MATE in some regards. I guess I could revisit that one.

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