"7 years ago, Qt 5 was released..."

Holy crap! Has it really been that long?! 🤯

Technical vision for Qt 6 - Qt Blog

@claudiom Qt 2.3's "I can see clearly now, 2.3 has come. I can see all the widgets on the page..."

Or the Qt4 dance...

@lukedashjr I believe Qtractor is Qt5 now. Not sure about music player apps.

@claudiom and just now it is becoming stable (and getting generally loved again). And they want to start on the next thing again? 😔
Call me boring but but I'm starting to like Xfce, that just now completed the transition from GTK2 to GTK3.

@RyuKurisu Well, I don't mind new features and improvements over old code, so long as it doesn't diverge too much from what has always worked (or provides new, efficient ways of doing the same thing without diverging too much).

I'm more of a MATE fan, especially with the amount of activity there (all of MATE was moved to GTK3 a while ago). And while I do like Xfce, I wonder if their move from GTK2 to GTK3 is a little late given talk about GTK4 recently. Not sure why it's taken Xfce this long.

@claudiom I personally find more enjoyment in Solus Budgie, but it was more the sentiment in the development cadence. Budgie was GTK3 from the get-go, and Xfce might be a little over kill in slowness, but it was only an example.

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