Well, my day got quite busy trying to figure out why the bootloader for wouldn't boot 12.0 after the first phase yet could boot kernel.old (11.2) just fine.

After some help from the good folks in on , it seems that the loader binary has a bug in 12.0-RELEASE and it might be fixed in -STABLE, so tomorrow I'll copy that loader binary over and hope for the best.

For now, shares are still up under the 11.2 kernel, so I can wait until I return.

For now, gym time. 💪

@claudiom did you replace the loader? The gpart bootcode stuff? I just ran into a booting problem where I couldn't boot a 12.0p7, that was upgraded from a previous patch level.

@FiLiS I did the gpart bootcode on all the drives with a freebsd-zfs-boot. Still nothing. The folks on /Freenode recommended replacing the release loader with the one from -stable.

@claudiom but did you replace the loader as part of your upgrade process?

@claudiom so you only ran freebsd-update a few times to upgrade and the machine won't boot anymore?

@FiLiS Just when I tried upgrading from 11.2->12.0. after I rebooted, it wouldn't boot to 12.0. Booted back into 11.2, did the gpart bootcode on all the drives in the ZFS pool, and tried again. Still did not work.

Left it running 11.2 since that was still functional in spite of doing the first stage of the upgrade.

@FiLiS No error message. I even loaded the modules manually from the bootloader prompt and the moment I typed "boot" and hit Enter, the spinning pipe stopped spinning after a second and the whole machine was unresponsive.

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