Easy to play, but difficult to master. πŸ™ƒ

@claudiom I don't get paid enough for that shit. Neither does the guy in the picture.

@claudiom absoultely hilarious... Especially for windows sysadmins...

The funny thing is that most atcade cabinets in the last decade WERE actually a WinXP-vased PC

@aladar There are some Linux ones out there. Search for "Arcade Linux".

Yeah, but theyre rare. I meant most of the like, actual, one-game-only official cabs that used to be just a dedicated circuit board type machines. Now its just Windows and a decryption key.

@aladar I actually posted something some months back (probably in January when we say Alita: Battle Angel) that wasn't working and was showing an Arcade Linux ncurses-based message about not being able to mount the encrypted hard drive IIRC.

Interesting. I know that Capcom and SNK moved to Windows, but theyre mostly done with arcades. Im assuming ArcSys is using Windows too...

@aladar Honestly, I wouldn't know since I haven't been to an actual arcade in YEARS. I just happened to come across that when my son asked me if the arcades run Linux which piqued my curiosity.

I haven't been for like, at least 15 either, since there's no arcade culture here, but I knew because I used to play fighting games and the 2009-2011 generation mostly got ROM dumped and cracked.

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