I still have one from when it was Hotmail, but shit like this is making me consider Tutanota and other privacy-oriented e-mail services and drop all of the others.

The Verge: reveals hackers accessed some .com accounts for months.

@claudiom between Tutanota and ProtonMail I'd choose Tutanota because it doesn't even rely on Google for syncing. However ProtonMail shows images by default (haven't found a toggle for that in Tutanota) but you can display them with a push on a button...and a confirmation. I really could do without the confirmation @Tutanota 🙄

@RyuKurisu Thanks for your feedback. We plan to improve this behavior so that there's less clicking. Auto display of images is disabled to not leak your IP address to senders. @claudiom

@Tutanota I understand that's the reason, but you could just add a checkmark in the confirmation dialog to suppress the notification. It would keep the default privacy the same, would still give the initial information to users and reduce the number of clicks needed by "advanced" users. 😎

@claudiom this is another reason why I like Tutanota; they're very active on Mastodon 😏

@RyuKurisu That's exactly what we plan to add. Please give us some time, there's just so much to do. 😉

@claudiom same here for me. I use both sevices. I like them both. Been using PM since more features and filters/rules @Tutanota @RyuKurisu

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