Just recently learning about Google's gaming initiative called that combines and . Here's hoping that it will do better than 's attempt with their . However, knowing , they'll end up killing it before it even has a chance to gain traction (something Valve hasn't done yet AFAIK).

@claudiom Steam's efforts brought more games to Linux. Google's new gaming service will also bring more games to Linux... and probably wouldn't have been possible without Steam making a push for games on Linux.

Between the two? More games on Linux, improvements on Vulcan.

Hopefully Google's service lasts long enough to make a positive impact and is shut down quickly enough for others to not jump into cloud-only gaming.

@garrett Agreed, but the pessimist in me just sees the support rot with Valve on their Steam Machines. I understand that it became less viable as Linux support picked up for the existing distros, but whatever.

@Sassinak Nah, it's not's more like embrace, extend,....well, yeah, I guess "extinguish" but more seppuku than anything because it's not killing Linux, just Google's own product. :thinkhappy:


As I mentioned, I used the term in reference to the "extinguish" part of your comment. Since Google wouldn't be extinguishing Linux, just its own product (assuming they were to kill off Stadia in the near future for no reason).

@Sassinak Well, not necessarily. Steam is still around as are GOG and It would really only affect those who use Stadia, assuming they kill it early on. Also, given Google's habit of killing products with potential, there's already distrust of Google regarding longevity.

@Sassinak Yeah, a little over the top but you get the idea. 😉

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