And now, for something completely different: a of in as I update systems and chat on IRC. 👍

@beni Very nice! Is that FVWM or something else?

@claudiom FVWM deserve more attention. It's a wonderful wm.
I'm using it on Devuan by 4 months now, after years with Openbox (really good too, but far less customizable than FVWM and... those xml conf files... ).

@mirko_1337 Nice! Really dig the color scheme and consistency. 👍

@claudiom thanx :blobcat:
It's based on the Nordic gtk theme. But now I'm switching to a new color scheme I'm working on and that will apply both graphic and console application. I already finished the color schemes for vim, xterm, ncmpcpp and tmux. Now I'm working on the title bar design.
It's looking more modern and dark.
I will post once finished.

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