, please don't do this. We don't want this. It might not be an "ad" but it makes you look bad nonetheless. Especially now given that is the only non-Chromium browser out there, you need not alienate your user base.

Here's hoping this gets boosted enough. 😞


Come to think of it, another option for a browser would be Iridium. It's Chromium-based but supposedly quite de-Googled (I know there's another one but I forget the name. Degoogled-chromium, I think). I installed it on OpenBSD but I may do so on other platforms too.

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From the link:

> “This snippet was an experiment to provide more value to Firefox users through offers provided by a partner,”

Quickest way to success for #Mozilla (and anyone else): stop hiring people who #MBA-speak. This is not the raging 90s anymore.

>  It was not a paid placement or advertisement. 

That's the sound of crumbling trust.


@deejoe @61 @claudiom

And #Mozilla call this an experiment!

What was the last "experiment" they did with their partners? #DoH with #CloudFlare?

@deejoe @61 @claudiom worst part is, if they were just upfront and said "Mozilla desperately needs more cashflow and this is one way we're looking at getting more money" I'd be far more understanding. Instead they lie.

I wonder, do they have some sort of patreon or another way that they could promote for donations?
@deejoe @61

there are several ways to donate to mozilla listed here: donate.mozilla.org/
It's got Paypal and Credit Cards on the front page, but if you click the link below you also get info about wire transfers and where to mail cheques.

@fraggle @deejoe @61

They are not exactly short of money. Last I checked (about three or four years ago) they had $50 M *in cash* (the most fluid of assets), which is massive for what should be a two-product organisation. Now that they have got rid of #Thunderbird that's down to one product (not counting their deliria with attempts at developing phones and nonsense like that).

@claudiom @fraggle @deejoe

Then these among other ways should be enough without reverting to these ad experiments. It's going to hurt them in the end.
@fraggle @deejoe @61

@claudiom Huh, yeah, lol, there are likely better ways to "say thanks for using Firefox"… 😃
This move looks a little desperate…

And it certainly looks like an ad – even if they received no money.

@claudiom Mozilla's behavior towards its users is remarkably similar to an abusive partner towards their spouse.


@sir Very close to doing this, but I need to find a browser worthy enough. Maybe a spin-off based on Gecko or Quantum, but that might be the same as going with Chromium (being that it's tied to its respective offending organization).

@claudiom I use qutebrowser. I see Chromium derivatives as better than Firefox derivatives

@sir @claudiom why? now that microsoft has decided to drop their own engine in favor of firefox, mozilla is the only thing that blocks google from being able to dictate web standards as they like.

Huh? Microsoft is going with the Chromium engine. The issue is with Firefox alienating users with douchey things like this ad experiment. They can't afford to lose their user base now with stupid things like that (check the original post of the toot thread).

@claudiom ah sorry, you're right of cause. i meant to type "in favor of chromium". My argument is that when using a chromium derivative over firefox (or a firefox derivative), you're strengthening google's market position and i believe that's a worse thing than mozilla's ad "experiment" in the long term.

Exactly, which is why they *really* can't afford to lose their users now. If they are going to behave like Google, then what's the difference? Might as well go with the Chromium-based browsers then....

@claudiom i'd argue that a duopoly is better than a monopoly, and google has too much power already.

If you don't want to like Mozilla, maybe you can look at it as the lesser evil?

I find it worse to support a hypocritical stance than one that's already known to be hostile, I guess. At least you know what you're getting with the latter. Betraying trust is destructive.

@claudiom @sir Hello, I’ve been using Palemoon for some time and it works well enough for my use cases, so I suggest that you give it a try too! palemoon.org/

@Hiro I've looked at PaleMoon before but still not too keen on it, especially on how they manage development in comparison with others. @sir

@banjofox I don't think either of those are open source.

@claudiom Then go with Brave, Pale Moon or any of a thousand other FOSS browsers


@banjofox I've not tried Brave yet, but I hear it's good. Of course, it allows certain ads that it approves so that kind of defeats the purpose for me. I mentioned my issue with PM in a previous toot. As for the others, there's always one little thing that keeps me from staying on it. The only other option I guess would be the oft-forgotten SeaMonkey which is also Mozilla but not in the limelight.


Also... raise your hand if you donate to #Mozilla to keep it ad-free

@banjofox I'm sure many that have donated might reconsider after this "experiment".


my point is this.

Mozilla needs income to keep the Internet from sucking a little less.

They are the reason that a LOT of things we like exist. So "may or may not have thrown them a coffee" is basically a pittance for what we have received in return.

@banjofox I agree, but I now think about those that have donated to keep Firefox ad free only to have Mozilla "experiment" with ads. Kind of makes you feel cheated no matter what amount of donation you give.

LB: how do Mozilla keep fucking up like this? Is there nobody internally who’s supposed to sign off on this shit?

We don’t want Mozilla to have corporate “partners” or to provide “exclusive offers” or whatever. We want Mozilla to defend the open internet.

Good damn it. Precisely when we need the most to go AWAY from ad supported shit and what do they do? :blobfacepalm:


How does boosting help here? I doubt mozilla even thinks about mastodon

Sent them emails, snail mails, tell it in their face that ads are not ok.

@webmind I considered that as well, but it's not so much about letting them know as it is letting the know, and numbers always speak volumes.

@webmind It also speaks volumes if Mozilla doesn't think about Mastodon considering how aligned Mastodon is with Mozilla's shtick. I get tons of e-mails from Mozilla about privacy and fighting for it. Conducting these "ad" experiments (among other things they've done like including Pocket) goes against the very thing they proclaim to defend.

@claudiom i thought the spam promoting livenation was bad, this is terrible :(

@claudiom They should promote themselves, and other inside itself. That way, free software projects should promote themselves cross-directionally I think, like Firefox promotes , then Gimp intentionally shows downloading ethical Gimp, via ethical browser Firefox.

Or Firefox promotes that a new Linux kernel was released, so then Linux promotes Firefox fundraising run kind of a thing...

@claudiom In today's environment of surveillance corporatism I get why anything like this warrants scrutiny. But at the same time, if not this, then how should they pay their bills? 🤔

Were it any other company, I'd expect it. But this is Mozilla who is always talking about Facebook this and Google that, and then they "experiment" with this. It goes against what they say they stand for. There are other ways, especially cross-supporting other projects instead of dropping ads on its users.

Reminder that the Firefox fork IceCat does not and will never have these problems

👍Distributed by the GNU Project with added security and privacy features. Respects the user in form and function.

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