This might well be the creepiest #Google page ever: All the purchases a user has ever done. If the user receives a confirmation email for a purchase they made, the user is not notified that Google collected and displays this piece of information in this page. There is no explanation why they are collecting all the purchases in one page, and apparently there is no way to opt out of this or even delete the purchases from the list.

It seems that this is only the case if you use your Gmail account for signing up to other services like Amazon. I checked and it has purchases all the way back to 2013. Seems creepy, but not surprising. As mentioned, I'm looking at this as if it were a bank statement of sorts. I kind of don't mind it, I guess, only because this is the sort of thing I expect from Google lately.

Given that you are using Google's service for free and using your account on Google's services to sign up for other services, it should come as no surprise that they are collecting this data. 🤷‍♂️

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