, (). Up at 5:12 AM today to get ready for at 8 AM. I'll be needing LOTS of , thankyouverymuch. πŸ˜΄β˜•

Are you fscking kidding me???!!!

CNN: Chicago police respond to reports of active shooter at Mercy Hospital

CNN: Chicago police respond to reports of active shooter at Mercy Hospital.

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Going through the images in the article, I can't help but feel weirded out by seeing a younger Robin Wright playing this character and comparing it to today's Wright with her character in House of Cards. The contrast is quite scary, though maybe Princess Buttercup was secretly that diabolical and we don't know it. 😁

Dang it. Forgot to move my VMs over to the new PC. Of course, I'm ready to go back to the old PC, but maybe I'll put another OS on that instead and use it primarily. I really can't stand using Windows anymore, but I have to have a station set for anyone else that might get reassigned to my location or is covering for me while I'm out.

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Italy’s olive crisis intensifies as deadly tree disease spreads

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(). Back to work this Monday. Although it's a short week for me, it's a busy one. Looking forward to some rest at the very least this week.

Time to pick up my laundry, fold it, and fold myself into bed. G'night, .

I don't know. In and the BSDs, major upgrades tend to be around every 6 months for the most part, yet none of them bork it up like does (or at least not anymore...are you listening, Canonical?). Of course, this problem doesn't affect me on a personal level and never will. Maybe with family/friends, but not me personally, and I'm fine with that. howtogeek.com/395121/windows-i

What am I up to tonight as I wind down the weekend? Laundry and podcasts.

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Just a bunch of (old) #OpenBSD CDs in a shoe box.
🐑 🐑
That is all.

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Best thing on the internet for me right now

What a beautiful day for an afternoon stroll. 🌞

cocido (or "yerbiado" as we call it) with a "picadita" of our own fashion for . 🍱

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