pretty excited to have hacked into the mainframe over at

registrations at are now open!

@clarkenciel I told you! A masterpiece of outsider art. So wrong and bizarre that it becomes somehow beautiful.

Having moderated a large online community for about a decade now, I'm finding the collective arguing about CW protocol and kindness vs. freedom interesting and familiar and tiring and valuable all in a mix.

Community self-identification is a weird process, and I think I am mostly glad that mastodon doesn't by its very structure require the answer to be monolithic and universal.

But I will tip my hand a little and say that erring on the side of kindness is pretty much always defensible.

some places I just get bored at 130 am; here I get the desire to learn French


1) Absolutely
2) I would love for this marketing campaign to turn into a referendum on clean-cut Hanks vs dumpster fire Hanks

sometimes forget that "being outside in the rain" is a minor super power in LA.

@itsDaninsky tbh if a follow/federation-related feature is going to be added, it should probably be a setting for instances to explicitly federate all posts from another instance, e.g.:

it should be simple enough to make instance X be a subscriber of instance Y's firehose feed, like any other API consumer would be, and then followbots become irrelevant because the server gets all posts regardless

v good mix of garage surf and punk at this bar!

mistook bearded Tom Hanks for Zizek on a poster for the "the circle" and OH MAN wouldn't that be a better movie

God tiny Allen's beat on zombie is soooooo good

im an anti-vaxxer: i stronly believe that 'vaxxine' is not the correct way to spell 'vaccine'

don't let .social become the super-mega-gmail-like instance. join a small mastodon instance and encourage your friends to do the same

would be nice for the apps to support multiple identities

do ya get it, my mom is actually pretty computer-savvy you chauvinist clods. also she likes to fukken blaze it

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