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you can't force a good toot, it will come to you naturally: with gentle coaxing and offering a bowl of food

How funny you think the word "toot" is in direct relation to how much you use this website

for serious i'm a pretty open and accepting person but why does everyone put their pronouns on their profile?

I've only seen maybe one person who's pronouns don't match their birth gender

I'm he/him BY THE WAY if you couldn't tell by *anything* else i've got going on

Freelance Developer Request:

"Refactor an existing web page to properly work with JQuery instead of plain javascript."


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In software development, everything you do is wrong according to someone.

Can't get enough of Kendrick's new album? Check out Freddie Gibbs' mixtape

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The 'cling film across the door' prank was non-existent 100 years ago. People in the future will get owned with things that don't exist yet.

how do you get certified on mastodon?

sleep money hoes, what more you want

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209,776 accounts
+3,508 in the last hour
+48,570 in the last day
+109,054 in the last week
560 active instances

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Everyone's making me feel like a crappy programmer xD

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