The Guardian view on Poland鈥檚 election: church-sanctioned bigotry casts a shadow | Editorial鈥 #Poland #PopeFrancis #Catholicism #Europe #Religion

Czy kto艣 u偶ywa chust typu na jesieni膮? Jakie艣 godne polecenia? Mo偶e lepiej ? A mo偶e co艣 jeszcze innego? @pskosinski Ty chyba je藕dzisz rowerem.

"The authors also say their findings call into question the idea that exists on a single scale."

鈥淭hese results suggest we shouldn鈥檛 be measuring sexual preference on a single continuum from to , but rather two separate dimensions: attraction to the same sex and attraction to the opposite sex.鈥

"Tylko nie m贸w nikomu":

A documentary about pedophilia in Polish Catholic Church, in Polish but there are really good English subtitles, if anyone is interested. Shocking how they all protect each other. Probably most bishops in Polish Catholic Church were helping priests-pedophiles avoid punishment.#cathlolic #christianity #pedophilia

鈥濺ozs膮dek jest to rzecz ze wszystkich na 艣wiecie najlepiej rozdzielona, ka偶dy bowiem s膮dzi, 偶e jest w ni膮 tak dobrze zaopatrzony, i偶 nawet ci, kt贸rych we wszystkim innym najtrudniej jest zadowoli膰, nie zwykli pragn膮膰 go wi臋cej, ni藕li posiadaj膮.鈥 鈥 Kartezjusz, Rozprawa o metodzie

They say attention is your most precious resource. This is a nice podcast on the matter.

Your Undivided Attention Podcast

Episode 7: Pardon the Interruptions


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