Which one of you nerds is responsible for this? (Redrafted)

Swedish government lawyers consider "US Office clouds unsafe" and push government to use Swedish hosted cloud technologies.
is key and offers the easiest way to compliance for any organization!

Linux on the desktop: because it's easier to accept community-driven brokenness than profit-driven misbehavior

"we should be working not just to pay the bills, but to make sure we donโ€™t create software that we will one day regret", I like the term #ethicalDebt, software engineers think a lot about technical debt when building software but we should not forget the ethical debt of what we build. thenewstack.io/tech-ethics-new #software #engineering #ethics

I had no idea coffee with milk has such a high climate impact, compared to other foods and drinks.

If you drink 200ml of milk and a cup of coffee like with a mug per day, that's around 1kg of GHG emissions.

Do it every day for a year and it's the equivalent of 1500km driven by the average ICE car.


I am reconsidering my decision with ditching and a couple of years ago. I did quit less because I was afraid of my data being used in a questionable manner and more because the companies seemed unpunished, raging free and doing whatever they wanted. Now with the GDPR in place in the EU I feel the matters are going in the right direction even if they are not fully solved yet and that I could use their services which, duh, are quite convenient. Any thoughts?

25% of organizations using the public has suffered data theft. Why are you still allowing employees to risk security by using private Dropbox, Google Drive & OneDrive accounts? There is a solution.

Czytam โ€žUcieczkiโ€ Urszuli Kozioล‚ i jestem zauroczony.

"Myล›liwy kocha zwierzฤ™ta tak jak pedofil kocha dzieci" โ€“ Anonim
"A hunter loves animals in the same way a pedophile loves children" โ€“ Anonymous
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