I feel like there might be a largely unfilled niche for articles about how to unlearn sexism/racism/homophobia/transphobia for neuroatypical people who don't understand most unspoken neurotypical things.

With like, really specific social situations described with the exact details that make a sexist microaggression so different from the very similar non-sexist social option in that situation.

& maybe self-help support groups for neuroatypical people learning that stuff.


Oh! There is a blog that largely specializes in that subject, and it's really good! "Real Social Skills" on Tumblr, and its anonymous author is autistic. It does a great job of explaining how to better than what we've picked up from the harmful messages from patriarchy, sometimes even specifically about unlearning sexist/ableist lessons that tend to be given in special education. It's at: realsocialskills.tumblr.com/fa


I have a shirt from them (they only order in batches) which reads "noncompliance is a social skill" and i love it

Also RSS is putting together realsocialskills.org
And their tag cloud on tumblr no longer works but i do remember their most commonly-used tag was , and another they had was "social skills nondisabled people need to learn"

@certifiedperson @frameacloud @queeranarchism I love the noncompliance is a social skill shirt! it's so soft @_@ and the posts about communication (like the one about repetition as communication) are very, very useful for sending to allistic folks to help them understand autistic communication (and other types of communication from PWD, though I'm not as good at that bc not good at some areas of communication in general)

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