Ran across this article on r/solarpunk - fastcompany.com/90294948/what- - and thought it was so awesome I started to email local and nearby city council people (they all have online bios, you can figure out who is most left-leaning in case you don't already know). Unexpectedly, I already received a positive response back, they said they were excited and sending it to other council members! It never hurts to suggest good ideas to your local elected officials. They tend to respond best to ideas that other cities are already successfully doing. #speakup #urbanpolicy


I hope the passing mention of accessible parking does mean disabled people (presumably who have the local accessible parking card) are allowed to drive in what is otherwise a no-car zone. My main worry there is 1) people with shorter-term injuries and such who don't qualify for a card and 2) the cities that inplement something like this poorly. >>

Where i live is doing this but more in suburban areas, making disability and business parking a pain, and made some really dumb intersections. Also aside from a half-assed bike sharong thing that i think cost a bunch, there's been very little support for people to use public transport or bikes.

And whoops, this just turned into a rant about my own city lol. Tl;dr, i like the idea, needs to be implimented with a lot of forethought and care

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