So hey, now everyone has been coming over to Mastodon, here's some shameless self-promotion!

I write a comic called The Pride, all about a team of all #LGBTQ+ superheroes, and you can get it on ComiXology and Amazon, and in print at

Also, you can follow on Facebook on

There's be loads more new comics in 2018 as well, so get in now! A perfect gift for Christmas, jus' sayin'! :P

Please boost widely: Call for Proposals, "After Social Media: Alternatives, New Beginnings, and Socialized Media." It's a call for research/essays on alternative social media, including Mastodon, of course.

new folks:

please remember to make heavy use of CWs

they are there because they are useful to reduce harm for folks

instead of being forced to read a post in order to determine if they want to interact with its contents or not (which is not a choice), you can know what the post is about and choose whether it's worth engaging that or not

When in doubt, CW.

If someone asks you, CW.

If you hesitate at all, CW.

It's one click. And it helps keep this amazing journey we're all on amazing for all of us.

your friendly periodic reminder to plz hide animated gifs (mark nsfw) & provide a warning about the content. flashy or rapidly changing graphics can trigger seizures, migraines, headaches, overstimulation, and just general annoyance.

thanks for making this more accessible for everyone :)

CW's are a good thing. It's a nice way to say "hey, I'm talking about something heavy/controversial/triggery/NSFW - take care reading it or don't"

I've seen 2 people argue that current events are too important to hide behind a CW - that THEY would want to read those posts... well ok - click that button, go for it!

But not everyone feels that's just a common courtesy, is it really so hard to make use of the CW?

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Oh I see it's 'content warning discourse' tonight πŸ‘€

I absolutely love that people can put spoilers and political stuff, to say nothing of sensitive content, behind a simple "show more" button. For one thing, it means control over whether to read or not is in the hands of the reader, but it also keeps the timeline nice and streamlined.

Besides, politics in particular can get overwhelming.

so the husband bought a mattress online that came shipped in a teeny tiny box... I was very sceptical πŸ‘€

turns out they vacuum seal the mattress and roll it up!!! we cut the seal and it poofed up into a regular ol mattress

Its not some fancy $1000 mattress but it's comfy a better than the torture device we had.

so that's what's happening in my little corner of the world 😁

A Subtoot 

Why in the world would you tell people who speak another language (in this case French) to not put their posts on the public timeline because you don't understand???

How amazingly arrogant and rude.

politics kpop 

Turning in now, here's Richard Spencer getting punched in the face to the tune of Red Velvet's Rookie

As always, when someone screams "free speech," shout "FOR WHOM?" even louder back at them.

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Like, it's terribly tone-deaf to come into a space that's actually moderated and be like "no this scares me, you can't possibly know what racism is with enough certainty to ban racists", when that space if full of people who are explicitly sick of the unmoderated disasterscape that is hellbird.

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