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challenge: solve an arbitrary programming problem in 7 minutes without using autocomplete

Preferably without looking at the screen.

More jokes about first level of duolingo: it asked me to say "Je suis une femme" so many times, that I've almost believed it.

So, you know laptop.

This is eeePC, it still works, it came from 2006-ish and I bought it for lulz at local electronic scrapyard for 7$. And next to it are 16 absolutely identical, standard M2x5 screws, holding it together.

Back to the future!

The WD customer support got back to me:

>>> I understand you are facing issues with the drive. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

Based on your concern, I would like to inform you that our drive or devices are tested with windows and mac operating system, we does not provide support for linux operating system. <<<

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I should clarify that I did not plan this as a christmas tree.

go get yourself edamagit. it's magit for vscode.

magit is a thing that keeped me from leaving emacs -- now I don't dualboot to emacs.

yay, launched a 16MHz crystal oscillator
gotta now try doing something with it. maybe push a ceramic buzzer to a limit?

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