Установите Briar, добавьте в контакты знакомых
Set up Briar, add your friends

Поставьте и поддерживайте оверлейные сети, e.g Yggdrassil.
Set up and configure overlay networks, e.g Yggdrassil.

@jonn won't argue a bit – those kids are supahcool.

However, I still would like to hear Feynman's lectures. "Explain me like YOU are 5 years old"

@jonn I want them to read Feynman's lectures from that teleprompter! ♥

> Get infix operators in Lisp with this one weird trick:

( +
1 1)

#lisp #scheme #clojure

Probably pronunciation jokes are better written in transcription~

ɪf juː ɑː ˈhɪərɪŋ ðə wɜːd sək ɪn ðə ˌkɒnvəˈseɪʃən, ɪts ˈprɒbəbli əˈbaʊt kɒk ˈaɪðə weɪ

Ever wondered how #Phosh UI runs on @PINE64 #PineNote?

This is running on top of the mainline kernel. youtu.be/76uFrG3b-Y0

Pine64 surprised fans with a New Year’s gift 🎁
PinePhone (and PinePhone Pro) keyboard case is now available in the Pine Store 🛒

Getting a type-c security key was a mistake. Don't, unless you have a good reason (or a macbook)!

1. You can adapt type-a to type-c, it's a lot harder to find adapter in other direction.
2. There's NFC
3. You can plug in type-a faster -- it's just easier to thread
4. If type-c on a key breaks, you will have a hard time soldering to remains of the pins
5. If type-c on your laptop breaks, you'll have a bad time

@cassvs pretty much every sport shaker optimizes for those three.

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