using a (kind of) source based distribution (eg. Guix or 9front) really makes you appreciate simple software and fast compilers

did you know that chromium takes frickin forever to build? i just gave up because i ain't got no patience for that.

right now i'm waiting for Krita to build but that too is taking its sweet time.... but at least I like Krita

@grainloom I know that feeling. I'm writing my first #rustlang program. It built fast until I added diesel and dotenv as dependencies. Now, every time I build my app for release, rust has to build diesel and dotenv as well, even though nothing changed to those. And diesel takes 10 minutes to build on my phone. 10 minutes! Every time! These build systems have to get smarter.


@aeveltstra @grainloom please take a moment to consider any possible harm you're doing to humanity

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