When you correct someone on terminology, you deeply hurt your chances at winning them over to your worldview. You should be willing to sacrifice the correct words if it means you can win the correct thoughts

@sir this has long been my position on most issues. I think it's rooted in me wanting things to be efficient, like, why wouldn't you want to get the desired results sooner and with less energy?

The way I see these things is that you have a certain amount of goodwill/social capital that you can spend to convince people. If you insist on pedantry you're burning that capital at a tremendous rate and get almost nothing in return, plus you turn people off making them ignore you.


@kungtotte @sir Why wouldn't you? Because (taking the point to an extreme) the end doesn't justify the means.

I don't fully grasp this sentiment but it's something like:
"I would be glad to sway you, but not at the cost of perpetuating the practice of basing beliefs on irrationality"

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