When you correct someone on terminology, you deeply hurt your chances at winning them over to your worldview. You should be willing to sacrifice the correct words if it means you can win the correct thoughts


@sir I wonder if this applies to me (in reverse or whatever). Will my chances of understanding someones worldview diminish if they correct my terminology? I don't think I'm that stupid, I hope...

@byllgrim @sir According to one view, concepts exist outside of terminology. But the language affects the ease of learning or reasoning with the concepts, thus picking appropriate terminology can make the concepts themselves more accessible for target audiences.

Some people indeed go out of their way and try to use the correspondent's language. And oftentimes are accused of being condescending because of that.
Some other don't care about the accessibility at all and just do their own thing.

@byllgrim @sir I don't actually have a strong opinion on either of these questions:

- whether concepts are real and exist regardless of how they're called / represented in the language: mathematicians tend to believe that they are, but having spent so much time digging up formal logic, I'm not sure anymore

- I sympathize the idea of accessibility of ideas and concepts, picking terminology intuitive and familiar to larger population, but then again being called a "bro" isn't very encouraging

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