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My little math expression parse-evaluate-render thing is coming along nicely. It's far from complete and the codebase is chaotic, but it does let you perform a fair bit of stuff, such as trigonometry and linear algebra.

I keep it in an Observable notebook for now, but it could easily be standalone.

The expressions are processed using the facilities in math.js, plus my own code, and is rendered with KaTeX.


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#coop fact of the day!

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Code that I didn't recognize as my own.

I... don't think that ever happened to me before...


// TODO no magic numbers

^ How many times in life shall I write this

Want to shit but scared of cleaning personel.
Walking up stairs to bathroom.
Hear electric door open!
Peek over the railing. Shit there's a cleaning trolley coming out the door!
Abort mission!
I run like the telletubbies when the motherfucking hoover shows up!
Down to first floor.
Fuck there's cleaning personel here too, there is no escape!
Continue running to the basement.
In the deep corridors I hear the echo of cleaning personel chatter. No!
Eventually find a place to shit and find happiness.

Variations of a face.

I don't understand the parameters of beauty.

troff, docbook, latex, markdown, wysiwyg, ...

I'm sad that no solution satisfies me

"I've never met a human being who would want to read 17,000 pages of documentation, and if there was, I'd kill him to get him out of the gene pool." - Joseph Costello

For some season, I struggle to mentally generalize the term "nominal value".

A nut and bolt may be specified as having the same nominal size.
But one must have a diameter bigger/smaller than the other, so that they actually fit in real life.

An "attribute" called "value" and there is no documentation.

Shoot me

Gay face 

Yes, the plushie is punishment. A shameful mark, or something

They've got a plushie at the election debate.

If a representative breaks one of the four debate rules (don't talk while someone else is talking, etc) they get the panda plushie. National television. Actual party leaders.

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