They often talk about "stability".
This is something I also hear from christians, literal nazis, and other western weirdos.

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"without reverences where will your dignity be?" - chinese drama talking about rituals and proper demeanor

Historical dramas really give an insight into the authoritarian mindset.

Imagine paying rent for an apartment, but each time you pay you gain a cut of the ownership.

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I love that a time reference can just state a logical condition and imply that the condition holds a timing constraint.

"When hell freezes over"

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the alternet: a roadmap for a different internet 

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Any solution which invents a new abstraction to "elegantly" handle the growing complexity of the "modern" software garbage heap^W^Wecosystem is not something I am even remotely interested in as a "solution". The real solution is to be *less* complicated than the status quo, and drag the assholes making shitty complicated software down to our level, kicking and screaming if need be.

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"What Stevens would like to see more of is [hey, we were talking about ontology and shit, but now it is time for one particular monkey's preferences]"

Nice things are too rare.

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"[someone] defines nihilism as β€œdiscerning what is real from what is unreal” (p. 54), or, more directly still, β€œa bullshit eliminator” (p. 115)"

Isn't this just stirner xtended?

How tf is it fatalist to see oneself as a meat cage with a need for stimuli?

Will my best friends be the nihilists, or am I naΓ―vely infatuated by a hopeful idea again?

"This chasm that exists between the world as it is in itself and the world as we perceive it means that there can be no inherent meaning in anything, only meaning that we create and attribute to it."

Isn't this wrong? It doesn't follow.

K, there's a chasm. So one can't be so certain.
This is a statement about observability.
Whether inherent meaning can exist or not, it seems unrelated to this.

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Well, that was fast!

At least until such time as I need to get a "real job," I'm pleased to announce that I will be spending 50% of my time working for the Libre-SOC project, working on Libre-licensed open hardware designs.


This will be my first exposure to "real-world" semiconductor logic design, and I'm happy that I'm being afforded the opportunity.

With any luck, this will turn into a paying gig which can help support me and my family.

"I feel so alone. Gonna end up a big ol pile o them..."

I can see how the objectivists, altright et al club does not feel that their position is being intellectually challenged.

They DO try to be diligent about logic (except they seemingly don't check premises as much as they check inferences).
And I see a mass of lefties and conservatives that find strict logic secondary (except for bertrand russel and co).

Their ideas are hardly being challenged at all.
If a person ends up in that position, there is near zero pull in a different direction.

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