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Theme of the night: helping out other #golang projects wherever I can. That's 21 pull requests for today 🎉

I'll probably keep going for another hour or two. Got a #golang project waiting for a review? Don't hesitate and say hello 😊

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I still find it faintly incredible that no group of scientists has gotten together and just made a damn set of free textbooks to cover the whole standard curriculum of their field. For uni physics, you'd need, roughly speaking and allowing for bits of overlap:

1. Classical mechanics
2. Single-variable calculus
3. Electromagnetism
4. Multivariable and vector calculus
5. Statistical physics
6. Quantum physics
7. Special relativity
8. Data analysis (a text most likely used as reference in a lab course)
9. Differential equations
10. Linear algebra

Education reform went haring off into MOOCs without really contemplating the possibility of making better resources for more traditional in-person teaching.

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How many domain names you own/keep/use personally?

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OpenBIOS - open source Forth firmware 

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So here is it. Some formalization of/around symbolic dynamics in Coq:

Not much really. But feel free to ask questions, give advice, and/or reuse.

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I have compiled my official mail provider recommendations. With any provider, you must always use your own domain.


Good: Down to earth. Unlimited domains, storage, etc. Full marks for philosophical, ethical, and technical merits.

Bad: Difficult to set up. UI is a bit confusing. Advertises itself in your signature in the free plan. Apparently blocks VPN and Tor users (I have reached out to them about this).

Note: Was unable to evaluate their webmail


Good: excellent PGP support and good on other security fronts as well

Bad: requires google captcha, does not handle plaintext as well as I'd like, german leaks through into the english interface sometimes, too scatterbrained


Good: Goes above and beyond in support for various standards and protocols, handles plaintext email very well. Lots of good options for account security.

Bad: rough UI

## summary

migadu is hard to set up but is the best all-around offering. If you're security concious, has the best PGP support and good all-around security; has good account security options but no built-in PGP support.

Evaluated but not recommended: disroot, fastmail,,, protonmail, tutanota, riseup,, teknik, megacorp mail (gmail, outlook, etc)

Is my interest field to broad, or am I simply dumb? :eo_thinking:

"Det er rart at en jævla finne i en badstu starta hele den greia der" - my friend on

@vertigo Your verilog checklist is strange to me, but I love reading it😄

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Similarly, I think I want to switch back to Wishbone from TileLink. It's powerful, simpler than TL, and there are a fair number of cores that already use it.

TL was interesting as a possible successor to WB; however open source uptake has been _literally_ zero.

I like to find the "essence" of things. And I like "categories". 🤔

I found a ton of these worksheets for CBT.
They seem very simple, but I don't think they're obvious.

What assumptions and implications lay in "therapy" anyway? Something's odd about that term.

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The complex reality of the technologies that real companies leverage to get ahead emphasizes the absurdity of the now common idea that exposure to simplistic, consumer-facing products--especially in schools--somehow prepares people to succeed in a high-tech economy. Giving students iPads or allowing them to film homework assignments on YouTube prepares them for a high-tech economy about as much as playing with Hot Wheels would prepare them to thrive as auto mechanics

-- Cal Newport, Deep Work

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Time handling in Python is yet-again proved to be written by lobotomized monkeys on crack

To be honest Python has been making its way from my like list to my shit list for a while now

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google> We must send you a text to verify it's you logging in

google> But we don't have your phone number. Please give it to us now so we can send you the text

me> This is very secure and not at all a poor attempt at harvesting my phone number

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