I tried some of that jesus-like confidence just know.
Works like a fucking charm.
People just go with it, like I'm the alpha wolf.

I'm still kinda shaky though. Like a noob's first kickflip, 1cm above the wobbly ground, barely able to stick the landing. I accidentally dropped a box of butter to the floor.

So... The tenth floor of this building is havin a cozy lunch time together right now

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the reason cis people don't understand transness is because every cis person who starts to get it becomes trans

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social interaction, honesty 

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@sir It should, but good luck describing what a planned obsolescence even is, precisely enough for an actually working law.

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"Smooth is fast"
"Hastverk er lastverk"

Learned the hard way.
Then I shoot myself in the foot again.

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@vertigo Interesting, I wonder if that's a systemd thing? Though to be fair, it would probably be easier just to use systemd for this than messing with /etc/init.d

I'm scared?

I'm a shit little chicken :eo_thinking: wtf

Imagine going to the doctor's.
And while taking the elevator, you see a big red button saying "push me".
You don't push it, and eventually get to the waiting room.
15 minutes past your appointment, you ask the receptionist "I've waited for some time. Wassap?".
They reply "our schedule shows you have no appointment".
Then you see an actual skeleton laying in the corner, and it says "did you not press the button? Then your appointment automatically cancels".

^ What it's like using some software

The motherfucking villagers drive me nuts.

"You can't have potatoes on the second tuesday of the month! Hahaha you are so stupid"

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Unpopular opinion 

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#peertube 2.0 is out!

There is no reason to continue using Youtube.

I wish people recording opensource conferences videos could avoid uploading to Youtube...

> Have stereo sound
> Reboot pc
> Have only left audio channel

I wanna clean up TRIZ.

Make it more accessible, less voodoo.
I think they were on to something.

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