Seeing an article start with "I had a problem."

Damn that's... fucking heavy balls.

How to cure boredom and depression-like inability to act? Nothing tempts me.

A friend said "get some vitamin D". I've gotten exercise, food and sex.

(Yes, all of those relate, that's the reason they bundled 'em together. I find that to be an insufficient excuse)

This monolithic death star of a language tries to do rtl, modeling, oop, properties specification, and everything that it CAN be allowed to do. I hope people in the future sobers up and creates something better.

(It's only a slightly unfair comparison. Some of the size may come from essential complexity, but doubtfully a majority)

Proponents of elegance and simplicity, look away; brave souls and oop maximalist zealots, venture forth.

The SystemVerilog spec is almost 1300 pages long.

For comparison VHDL-2008 is ~600 pages.
And C90 (ISO C) is ~200 pages.
Sure, why keep things clean when you can have hodgepodge?
No wonder verilator and others can't implement it (similar to browser getting fucked by w3c).

A girl threw my jacket onto me while I sat at my desk. My cup of water spilled.

That was the best part of this day.

Go to store.
See cake at 50% off because it expires to day.
Bring it to the office.
Tell everyone to eat.
Get fucking anxious about whether people like the cake or not.
I can't focus on work now.

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If you're a writer & you don't read, your readers will notice (even if you don't). And those of them who read will start to dwindle away...

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An East German built this computer using a book back in the early 80s. He had to make trips to West Berlin to buy the RAM chips using a day pass. It's a Z80 clone based around the MME U880.

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I've reached the point where I can't write an application without stopping to question every assumption and wondering why there isn't some better way of doing things.

If an employer or customer sets the constraints, it's fine. You just have to follow the old paradigms in that case, but if I have a blank slate and full freedom, it stops on simple things like "I don't like how we interact with databases. Can't we do this in a less clumsy way?"

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I mean, if you malloc() something, that's essentially the same as a temporary file in a RAM disk, except temporary files are clumsy to access. mmap() bridges the gap, but why have a gap to bridge in the first place?

We should treat RAM as a giant cache for the hard drive, from the moment the machine boots, and there should be no distinction between a memory access and a file system access.

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I'm under the impression that people on fedi reply slower if they're not upset.

But that also means they have more time to prepare a smart argument, which significantly increases the quality of discussion.

I wish this happened more often.

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@RandomDamage I'm not sure what you're arguing, so let me be clear on what I was arguing. It is acceptable to hold *any* set of views. Those views may be factually incorrect (eg #FlatEarthers), dangerous to human progress (eg statists), or morally reprehensible (eg neo-Nazis). It makes no difference. No governments has jurisdiction in a person's mind, so no thought or set of beliefs is illegal, and therefore holding any view is acceptable. (1/2)
@clacke @Wolf480pl

Also, one dude in the mailing list was very "angry" about this. He had good arguments; worth checking out.

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