Scribbles for a 2d NRS-esque fighter featuring Lapfox stuff I'm toying around with. Frame data stops halfway through because I realize I should probably have someone triple check this stuff so I don't just ramble off overpowered startups and advantages.


so like... when i found out in 2014 that the guys that do my CDs were starting tape production again i lost my mind and went for it HARD, it was a dream come true, i thought i'd long lost my chance to get tapes made that look this fuckin cool

it's amazing that the first one sold, when i put out caractere difficile it was a bit ahead of the indie cassette re-emergence but i'm super happy i've been able to get these done

Tbh I like blaming my shitty sleep on meds but secretly I'm just have no self control

I wait huddled in corner, prepared for the latecomers and their 5'th of July fireworks. Pray for me

fuck yeah megaman x6 on sgdq... this game is a trainwreck of every kind

know-how now know
god swype plz

I used to joke about Linkin Park Nightcore and my innocence in those days brings me to tears

I want a record copy of Hit Vibes but holy frick that stuff is expensive. It being a promo doesn't help the price at all either.

Has anyone done Floral Shoppe entirely with the Roblox death sound?

Getting that classic 5'th of July sleep deprivation from fireworks all night.

meet me at buttcon in the next any amount of time for an ass kicking

THE BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY (commission from seel!)

I cry as I watch/A corpse of bounces and home/Lays lifeless and slain

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Just missed the bounce house at the 4'th of July event smh

4'th of July Summary

Wait three hours for state fireworks
Fall asleep
Fireworks done when I wake up
Repeat next year

Your favorite music cd except all the tracks are midis

Ideal 4'th of July: Buy like 500 of those shitty smoke bombs and run through the smoke like batman

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