Go #OpenBIM. Go #OpenSource. #BlenderBIM Add-on v0.0.210404 has been released with 100 new features and fixes. It's our built environment, help support the BlenderBIM Add-on: 100% free and open source software that lets you author and document BIM data fully to ISO standards. It's built by the AEC community, for the AEC community. Get it today: blenderbim.org/

Check out the full release notes: community.osarch.org/discussio

When I refactored the #BlenderBIM Add-on at the start of the year, I fully decoupled the code that manipulates #BIM open data standards from Blender. The end result is that now there is a high level, expressive free software API for the entire industry to automate, generate, and manipulate BIM data. It's still early days, but the future is bright!

I posted an update on my work with the Homemaker Blender add-on. It's an interactive pointy-clicky tool for designing buildings (the main Homemaker tool is 100% command-line automation, this hasn't changed)

@duncan_lithgow that could work, though I'm not sure they have the same internal and external area, so it might require two sets of radiators with water circulating between them

@duncan_lithgow I was thinking a drain tube that fed into a water trap, so maintaining air tightness.
In a heated building situation all the condensation would be in the air outlet, so mould probably isn't an issue for fresh air brought-in. It could all go wrong in an air conditioned building with warm humid air outside.

@duncan_lithgow Unrolling it would probably destroy it, but yes it definitely needs some way to collect condensate

Hey maker people! It's clear now that I'm never going to get around to prototyping this idea for a cheap heat recovery unit. If it works, you can ventilate your building without spending more on heating.
Idea for a ventilation fan with a *cheap* heat exchanger made from kitchen foil, foam rubber, wood, and lots of glue

I actually quite like k9 mail, the status messages are fun: "Next poll 4 days ago"

I knew there was a reason I left the lights on the Christmas tree

Putting some #Nodevember energy into #Laidout.. implemented several vector graphics construction nodes that let you do line "arrows" from any object, and clone on random point sets. I mean it's not making the entire Grand Canyon with a single shader on Blender's default cube, but hey, it's a start!

The new version of #StreetComplete (v26) has a fantasic new feature. It's much faster when download quests, and now will show you all the quests in an area. It's made things so so much faster & easier to use.

#xp #OpenStreetMap #OSM

Added the first of the two white-on-blue patterns. Only a few more patterns until I'm finished with the patterns for the rear portico, then I have some more sculpture and textures for the stone.

Go #OpenBIM. Go #OpenSource. #BlenderBIM Add-on v0.0.201025 has been released with 33 new features and fixes. 100% free software to author and document BIM data fully to ISO standards. It's built by the AEC community, for the AEC community. Get it today: blenderbim.org

Highlights include improved IFC clash detection results, IFC CSV can now modify classes, and new basic set of visual programming nodes for IFC and Blender Sverchok.

Release notes: community.osarch.org/discussio

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