I posted an update on my work with the Homemaker Blender add-on. It's an interactive pointy-clicky tool for designing buildings (the main Homemaker tool is 100% command-line automation, this hasn't changed)

Hey maker people! It's clear now that I'm never going to get around to prototyping this idea for a cheap heat recovery unit. If it works, you can ventilate your building without spending more on heating.
Idea for a ventilation fan with a *cheap* heat exchanger made from kitchen foil, foam rubber, wood, and lots of glue

I actually quite like k9 mail, the status messages are fun: "Next poll 4 days ago"

I knew there was a reason I left the lights on the Christmas tree

All the coriander plants bolted, but now I have a jar of seeds (also contains non-zero number of tiny snails)

This is a proof of concept Blender add-on that mashes the Molior IFC generator from the Homemaker project, Blenderbim, and some clever non-manifold geometry ideas borrowed from Topologic.

Idea for a ventilation fan with a *cheap* heat exchanger made from kitchen foil, foam rubber, wood, and lots of glue

experiments with insetting old photos into new Panini projection panoramas taken from exactly the same point.
Def Leppard in Broomhill, , late seventies.

Wherein I stumble through a description of how Homemaker uses Christopher Alexander's Pattern Language to evolve buildings: youtu.be/E7yHDorTw3I

The purpose of this is to get a 'taper' transform that actually works.
The homography transform preserves straight lines and planes, whereas the normal taper transform just makes a horrible mess of 3D objects

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A 3D homography (perspective) transform in Blender Sverchock

My daughter started Pete McKee's youtube cartoon course, this is her picture of 'daddy'

Thanks to lots of help, this is now pretty much what I hoped it would be: A big list of patterns from A Pattern Language that can be easily shortened to a small list, it is a single portable file, and prints very nicely.


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Unfortunately this Pattern Language companion is really ugly (see picture).

This can be fixed. But what really needs is a little bit of scripting to make it really useful. 4/

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