... that's it, this alternative perspective can be used to render graphical maps in an easy to read aerial format. It could also be used to replace the projection used in those funny computer games were you build villages and move armies around islands /ends

... this map of London can be drawn using Piranesi's perspective trick. The result more closely resembles the aerial views used in old maps /3

... here's a view of London using standard modern perspective, it is pretty useless as a map because of the extreme distortion /2

Lots of old maps are in this aerial view format. It isn't a true perspective, it is using the same trick to fit everything in with minimum distortion that Piranesi used in his views of buildings /1

Home Workshop
As the decentralization of work becomes more and more effective, the workshop in the home grows and grows in importance.

Have a reverse transform for the two-point Piranesi perspective, so here's a bitmap remapped. This works by specifying the four corner coordinates, just like the perspective tool in GIMP etc...

...and another comparison, these look very similar as the angle is not so extreme

Another comparison, Piranesi's perspective trick compared to the same image as a true perspective

Light On Two Sides Of Every Room
When they have a choice, people will always gravitate to those rooms which have light on two sides, and leave the rooms which are lit only from one side unused and empty.
Locate each room so that it has outdoor space outside it on at least two sides, and then place windows in these outdoor walls so that natural light falls into every room from more than one direction." Chris Alexander, A Pattern Language #PatternLanguage #ChristopherAlexander

For comparison, here is the Piranesi perspective compared to a true perspective

Some progress generalising Piranesi's perspective trick into two dimensions. (I've only got the forward mapping, so can only do vector graphics for now)

At my daughter’s school open evening, I picked up her exercise book and, after getting her grudging consent, turned it to a random page and read a book review she’d written that said she couldn’t respect Dante for what was “essentially a self-insert fanfic”.

I am still thinking about that.

Thinking about it too now.. that kid is going places!

Half Private Office
What is the right balance between privacy and connection in #office work?
Avoid closed off, separate, or private offices. Make every workroom, whether it is for a group of two or three people or for one person, half-open to the other workgroups and the world immediately beyond it. At the front, just inside the door, make comfortable sitting space, with the actual workspace(s) away from the door, and further back." #ChristopherAlexander, A #PatternLanguage

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