On a train (Penzance to Glasgow), it is delayed due to 'slippery rails'

"to surrender is to give up, to be humbled, perhaps humiliated, but with a chance – not a guarantee – that we may live to tell the tale", Dougald Hine


More features on #IFC #OpenBIM with #Blender

Create object aggregations, object types, use modifiers and arrays, and use Blender 2.8's collections features to quickly create beautiful building designs right in real-time rendered view.

If you ever needed that push to stop using #Revit and #Autodesk and move to something else. This is it.


A group of four buildings from Homemaker before I take it apart and break it, five days on four i7s

So Bitbucket are dropping hosting. I don't mind converting to , but should I be switching to GitHub or gitlab or something else at the same time?

"Tsundoku," the Japanese Word for the New Books That Pile Up on Our Shelves, Should Enter the English Language

openculture.com/?p=1053871 t.co/k6to11e18j

Should a time machine land you in the Neolithic, the perfect time to do some #woodworking, no problem - use stone axes and bone chisels. archaeology.org/issues/152-141

Back with a week recap, this time — a mix of recent and not so recent yet important events and releases.

Highlights: tons of exciting news in the Blender department, Natron is back, GIMP 3 progress is strong, Krita devs are working hard on bugfixes for v4.2.x series and new stuff for v4.3.0, MyPaint has a new active contributor, Ardour's development is still mostly under-the-hood (until after v6.0 release).


Featured image by Ozant Liuky, made with Inkscape.

"— Unnatural hair colors in woman are a warning signal to stay away,
Its an example Aposematism -the phenomenon of poisonous animals in nature advertising their toxicity and lethality
— Aposematism is there to warn off predators, not sexual partners. If you're repelled by it, it's working."

A collection of 360° panoramas taken during construction of the Aston Martin sculpture at Goodwood flic.kr/s/aHsmE3nwDp

Local politics (Sheffield, UK) 

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