Christopher Alexander's "A Pattern Language" as network graph

Crocuses are out, birds are singing, and it's all because I uninstalled PackageKit

Scared Silicon Valley billionaire:

Look, you're just not grasping the scale of the AI threat. What if an AI one day is built that decides to harvest large chunks of the Earth's biosphere in order to make some numbers in a financial engine go up slightly? What would we all do then?

Climate change and species loss researchers:

Really? That's a thing that could happen? And people might not believe the predictions? Do go on.


Well OBVIOUSLY I don't mean it's happening NOW

*jfk voice*
we install Linux not because it is easy

@federicomena I eventually had a chance to try this in g'mic. The first image is a true perspective done in GIMP, the second is the same view using Piranesi's perspective trick - the Piranesi version is much more legible

Found this in the cellar. Quake 3 was the first boxed Linux game (it is still in its cellophane wrapper because the boxes were shipped empty)

I've written an article about how to view #IFC #BIM files on #Linux, starting with tools with #FreeCAD but also talking about other IFC libraries.

If you work in the AEC industry, please support IFC development. The industry is stuck with proprietary tools developed by monopolies, and needs more #opensource and international standards.

A Sequence Of Sitting Spaces
Every corner of a building is a potential sitting space. But each sitting space has different needs for comfort and enclosure according to its position in the intimacy gradient.

Private Terrace On The Street
The relationship of a house to a street is often confused: either the house opens entirely to the #street and there is no privacy; or the house turns its back on the street, and communion with street life is lost.

Farmhouse Kitchen
The isolated #kitchen, separate from the family and considered as an efficient but unpleasant factory for food is a hangover from the days of servants; and from the more recent days when women willingly took over the servants' role.
... says:
The draft is available for download and comment! A Pattern Language for Growing Regions: Economy, Technology, Quality of Life. Introducing an on-line wiki repository of new patterns, with collaboration of Ward Cunningham and others (TBC later this year).

Sleeping To The East
This is one of the patterns people most often disagree with. However, we believe they are mistaken.
Give those parts of the house where people sleep, an eastern orientation, so that they wake up with the sun and light. This means, typically, that the sleeping area needs to be on the eastern side of the house; but it can also be on the western side provided there is a courtyard or a terrace to the east of it." #ChristopherAlexander, A #PatternLanguage

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