Read this three times, Murray Bookchin on futurism and utopianism, from forty years ago, but it could have been said yesterday:

optical illusion 

"There was an error during the CUPS operation: 'Success'."

(BTW I'm not asking for technical support on Mastodon of all places, just sharing the joy of being in service to the machine)

For some reason I'm expected to get new network printer working...

Windows: printing works after downloading 500MB installer that puts some kind of imaging tool on the desktop that looks like an MP3 player from 1999

Android phone: printing works after installing app from Google play, app pushes ads in the notification bar

Other Android phone: same steps, no printing :(

Linux: amazing, Gnome settings shows it already available and configured. Nothing prints, no error messages, nothing

microfiction, sci-fi, brief mention of murder 

A thought on the word “traditional”: it’s often used when talking about things that haven’t actually been around for long, and things that have undergone dramatic changes in a relatively short timeframe.
For example, gender roles for women in English-speaking countries in the 1920s looked quite different from the 1850s or the 1950s. Makeup, for example, was uncommon for women before the 20th century, likewise piercings.

Brand new article about the new version of #Blender #BIM addon:

Faster imports, curve support, assign documents, aggregate editors, classificatory systems like Omniclass and Uniclass, new IFC COBie tool, and you can run a diff on BIM models!

#opensource #foss #3d #architecture

This car has a just-about-working cassette player, so listening to forty year old mix tapes

rms, the state of free software, etc. 

Are you in the AEC industry and looking to quit Autodesk? Check out #Blender #BIM!

New tools include BIMTester - run unit tests for your BIM models! New UI for georeferencing, attributes, property sets, offering first-class native support for IFC that _no_ other proprietary tool offers!

Check it out and share with other #architecture folks!

#opensource #mastoart

On a train (Penzance to Glasgow), it is delayed due to 'slippery rails'

"to surrender is to give up, to be humbled, perhaps humiliated, but with a chance – not a guarantee – that we may live to tell the tale", Dougald Hine


More features on #IFC #OpenBIM with #Blender

Create object aggregations, object types, use modifiers and arrays, and use Blender 2.8's collections features to quickly create beautiful building designs right in real-time rendered view.

If you ever needed that push to stop using #Revit and #Autodesk and move to something else. This is it.


A group of four buildings from Homemaker before I take it apart and break it, five days on four i7s

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