High-quality free ePub books of classics literature — standardebooks.org/
...complete with a real, detailed typographic style guide: standardebooks.org/manual/1.0.

These are built from existing, public-domain etexts at Project Gutenberg, but human edited for structure and typographic detail. (And other, more boring, non-typography things like cover art)

The purpose of this is to get a 'taper' transform that actually works.
The homography transform preserves straight lines and planes, whereas the normal taper transform just makes a horrible mess of 3D objects

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A 3D homography (perspective) transform in Blender Sverchock

Learn more about #Blender #CAD movement abilities, if you've never done precision / CAD modeling in Blender before.


Join the #OSArch community - bring free software to the AEC industry! community.osarch.org/


Networking boggle: 

Making expandable colonnades in #VR with #GodotEngine... Models in #Blender3d based on photos I took in Cordoba, Spain before a Libre Graphics Meeting a couple years ago. This year's LGM is doing online this week. Really missing travel!

#OSArch is happy to release another #BlenderBIM Add-on v0.0.200525 with yet another 30 new features and fixes. It's 100% free and open source software for #OpenBIM.

Get it today: blenderbim.org/

Highlights include improved clash detection, more robust round-tripping including object re-use, basic cove.tool environmental analysis integration, and new experimental IFCXML and IFCJSON support!

Full release notes: community.osarch.org/discussio

#IFC #BCF #opensource #blender #freecad #xp

I'm happy to release another #BlenderBIM Add-on v0.0.200511 with over 50 new features and fixes. The BlenderBIM Add-on is 100% free and open source software that lets you author and document BIM data.

Get it today: blenderbim.org/

Highlights include improvements to object type imports, IFC document reference and information data improvements, huge improvements to documentation abilities, and support for IFC annotation geometry.

#osarch #blender #opensource #freecad

Ursula K Le Guin, on tech workers:
"Real power goes to waste. Every wizard uses his art against the others, serving the men of greed. What good can any art be used that way? It's wasted. It goes wrong, or it's thrown away. Like slaves' lives. Nobody can be free alone. Not even a mage. All of them working their magic in prison cells, to gain nothing. There's no way to use power for good."
- "The Finder", from "Tales from Earthsea"

Want to know more about #opensource in the #architecture, #engineering, and #construction industry?

The next #OSArch (Open-source Architecture) monthly meetup will be happening tomorrow the 2nd of May 2020 20:00UTC! Join us to see @yorik talk about #FreeCAD and open-source in the AEC industry! Free to join, short 1 hour online meetup.


It’s another 2 weeks, so here’s another 30 new fixes and features in the v0.0.200428 #BlenderBIM Add-on release! Get it today: blenderbim.org/

Highlights include bundled classification system selection including Uniclass and Omniclass, create and consume property set template definitions, reload IFCs, import/export with CSV, and section planes!

Full release notes: forums.buildingsmart.org/t/pre

#blender #openbim #b3d #ifc #opensource #freecad

Just 2 weeks since the last release, a new BlenderBIM Add-on v0.0.200413 is released, with over 30 new features and fixes for #OpenBIM.

Highlights include new BCF features, improved rebar support, IFCCOBie conversion improvements, IFCDiff checks more changes between IFC files, new IFC2CA, handle hundreds of buildings and sites, and easier pset/qto creation for users.

Get it now: blenderbim.org/

Full release notes: community.osarch.org/discussio

#opensource #blender #freecad #bim #ifc

Ported my simple building generator from #blender to #godotengine and #vr. You still have to model 6 building chunks yourself, but the arrangement is automatic.

New BlenderBIM Add-on v0.0.200328 released!


There have been over 30 fixes, stability improvements, and new features. Highlights include new import features for simplify and merge IFC models, brand new IFC to/from CSV data export and import, basic support for BCF-XML 2.1, and simple construction documentation sheet management.

Full release notes:


#blender #b3d #foss #opensource #architecture #bim #openbim #freecad

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